Sunday, August 19, 2007

We've been MIA

Did you miss us?

The Food Lady bought a new lens recently, and likes what it does to the dogs. The lens is very fond of wee Piper...

But has nothing against the other dogs either.

Woo thinks he got his photo taken often enough with the old lenses, and wishes I would just throw the damn frisbee already.

This lens even does Tweed some favours, and that's saying a lot.

Even a WET Tweed!!

The reason we have been MIA is The Food Lady has been extraordinarily busy. Sometimes when it rains, it pours - but in a good way.

This past week I was invited to do two different photo shoots - is my hard work* paying off at long last?

(*hard work = moaning apathetically about wanting to be a photographer but doing nothing about it except complaining that I want to be a photographer. And posting photos to my blog. But that's not nothing. I post these photos for you!! Love me now. Hurry up.)


First, last week my younger sister, who is an immensely talented and wonderful individual (I love you Tanus!!) produced what is now known as "Vancouver's Naughtiest Fashion Auction" or model Noot Seear's Fashion Show and Auction. Basically, it sums up like this: A bunch of really tall, beautiful, slender people put on cool clothes donated by talented designers. Then people with big fat wallets pay a nominal fee to come to the Commodore Ballroom and offer large sums of money to buy the clothes right off the models' bodies. All of the money goes to charity. It's an excellent thing, and a fun thing, and a cool thing. So there.

This is Noot. Say "Hi Noot!"

I was invited to come and take photographs of the event. As I've said many times, I don't take photos of people, so this was a steep learning curve! But it was cool too, because I scored a press pass which I wore very smugly for the entire night. Were it socially acceptable, I probably would've worn it to work the next day and then possibly to social events for years to come.

So I know this a dog blog, but hey - life is more than just dogs, right? We've all got pants, and I know what you keep in them!! So permit me a little diversion.

The pre-auction acrobatics show (do you think she strips on the side? If not, she probably should)

Don't worry, I'm not going to turn this into a fashion blog. It would be really unpopular if I did, because my sense of fashion is more or less limited to brushing my hair before exiting the house. You are, after all, looking at someone who went outside this morning in track pants, white socks and a pair of pink "Hawaii" flip flops. So just a couple more photos before we change the subject.

A little eye candy for my gentlemen readers.

And because I know there are no men reading my blog, actually, a lot of eye candy for my female readers!
Hubba hubba.

Anyway. It was a fun shoot! I met some nice (fashionable) people and saw a lot of hot-guy skin and had a really fun time. And did I mention how proud I am of my sister? The show went off without a hitch, and she did a great job.

If you would like to see more of my photos from the event, please visit my flickr site. I am adding new photos all the time.


Back to dogs.

After ogling half naked boys, it might seem a bit of a let down to then be invited to be the official photographer at an agility trial, but no - I was very excited! I have been skulking around agility trials with my camera for years trying to get someone to notice me and ask me if I wanted to do this. So when Joanie Leigh Elliot told me I was welcome to come to the PAC trial and take photos to sell, I was really chuffed (that's an English word for 'pleased' BTW, but it just sounds cooler than 'pleased' so I appropriated it).

So I spent Saturday out in Maple Ridge in the blistering hot sun, driving rain and hail and thunderstorm (yes, all in the space of an hour) with my camera and took many, many, many photos. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of hard work too. But I am so appreciative of the opportunity!

Are you as keen to see the photos as Piper is?

Are are you more of a patient sort, like Red Dog?

Or perhaps, like Mr. Woo, you just wanna be as orange as you want to be?

Well, you'll once again have to visit my flickr site to see the photos of dogs at play! I will warn you in advance that the photos are low resolution and watermarked as well. For some people, this detracts from them (which, umm, is the POINT! Hello!!) but for you sage blog readers, I am sure you understand why it has to be done.

I mean, even with a watermark on them, a sheltie puppy is still IRRESISTABLE
A kelpie is still adorable
Border collies are still keen ...
And dogs playing agility are just FUN!
Try to enjoy them, will you?

This seems like a good time to remind everyone that while I post my photos for your fun and entertainment, they are still my photos. I work hard to get good photos and as pretentious as it may sound, it's my art form. I create them. Please don't take them, download them or use them without my permission. Like flowers in a public garden, please enjoy them where you found them.

Random dog from the park with a really sweet face thanks you.
And so do I.

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