Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Amputation of Spiny Norman

Meet Spiny Norman.

Spiny Norman was a happy little squeaker.

But it's a rough world out there. Spiny Norman joined the Red Dawg gang, for protection like. Spiny Norman had a gambling problem.

Spiny Norman owed some kibbles and wasn't paying up. He was hiding from the long paw of the dawg

But Spiny Norman's smug countenance and squeaky voice soon got on Red Dawg's nerves. He ousted him from the gang.
After beating him up a little.

Sadistic Piper was waiting for this opportunity.

She taught Spiny Norman a harsh lesson in economics.

Spiny Norman is not so smiley now, is he? And he doesn't squeak anymore.

The moral of the story? When you have four border collies, buy cheap squeakies because they just shred them in no time at all.


I am home sick with a wicked flu. A little while ago I shuffled to the bathroom (AKA Catland) to blow my nose. The bathroom is off limits to dogs, and they are insatiably curious about what goes on in there.

"Oh hai, whatcha doin' in there?"

"Ha ha, I bet she's going potty. Ha ha ha."

"Okay, I really want to know what you're doing in there. What are those honking noises? Can I please come in? I promise not to eat the cat food."

When I shuffled back out, I found these sitting on the hallway credenza. I had forgotten all about them.
^^child sized sunglasses

Mwa ha ha ha. More stuff on my dogs.

Mr. Woo really hates it when I play this game.

Tweed is usually pretty good about it.

But even he has his limits.
He really doesn't understand why I would put cowboy boots on a dog.

"Why, Food Lady? Why?"


Angry Donut

Round Eye is being a bit of a diva these days.

Another rare Toilet Kitty sighting.

BTW, Toilet Kitty does NOT play the stuff-on-your-pet game.

He was completely unamused.

I, however, was still amused, and moved onto hats.

He looks rakish and sexy doesn't he?

Woo was still not impressed.

And made his opinion quite clear the second time I shuffled off to blow my nose.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.


Natalie said...

The picture of RD in the hat is perfection. Classic.

And I still LOVE your kitties. Quite possibly the most gorgeous cats ever. You're lucky you're so far away. And that I already have two cats. And a husband who throws fits when I mention "another..."

Alaska said...


Holy cow, do you have the captioning thing down: "Ha ha, I bet she's going potty. Ha ha ha."

I laughed so loud people came crawling out of the walls of the empty building I'm in to find out what the excitement was.

You just go right ahead being sick and staying home torturing your poor dogs and recording the result for photographic posterity. The world is a better place for it.

Ben_Benjamin said...

OMdoG, I love all your pic!!! You guys look pawsome. Your hooman are amazing!!!

By the way, you guys have been tagged !! Check out my blog.

Ben_Benjamin said...

By the way, your Round eye remind mom of her Oreo. She has fall in love with ya blog....those photo are real bootifool.....

Brussel SPROUTS BC said...

RD in hat .... be still my beating heart .... he's a calendar guy.

Charlie said...

Great pics, great captions!
- Charlie

Casper said...

LOL- our Momma thinks you are hilarious! Come and visit us - We are from Canada too.