Wednesday, August 01, 2007


(China killed my dog)

Not really. But I think he's packed it in. He's had enough of the Go Boom or Go Homes and tonight he simply ... surrendered.

So tonight China put on a display that was, like, short. As in, a lot of it was below my viewing radar because of the big building in the way. Why can't they move the fireworks 50 feet to the left? As you may have guessed, my courage failed me and I couldn't go out into the crowds. I should kiss my deck for keeping me safe.
As always, larger versions can be seen on my Flickr page.

Fireworks make Angry Donut ... angry.

Oh hi. I can eats kittenz now?

Survey says .... "NO"

This is a kitten who is about to go Medieval on the fireworks' ass.

Piper implores her to keep her cool. Ironic, coming from Miss Mad Teeth (tm)

Toilet Kitty is a reflection of me. No really! If you look in his eyeball, you can see me taking his photo. Creepy.

Poor Mr. Woo. He doesn't care for the fireworks at all. And holy cow do I need to vacuum under the bed.

這星期六... 盛大結局。稍候。

1 comment:

Riva said...

ok a few things...

a) i love toilet kitty and angry donut...I'm also fond of round eye, but the donut cracks me up!

b) your underbed is soooo much cleaner than my den of husky hair!

c) you must post more often!