Thursday, August 23, 2007


THE ARENA ... Food Lady's Bed.


MR WOO - 24 lbs of hidden fury:

PIPER - 28 lbs of not-so-hidden fury


1. Try To Out-Crocodile Your Opponent

2. Intimidation

3. Go For The Neck

4. Go For the Feet

4. Narrowly Avoid A Take Down

5. End In A Bitey-Face Draw

Mr. Woo adds that sucking up to the Fun Police doesn't hurt:

Really, these two are super friends. They can wrestle nicely for hours without it ever turning ugly.

Not so when it comes to Tweed. For reasons I don't understand, after approximately 22 seconds of Bitey-Face with Tweed, it turns ugly and Piper does her best to kick the living shit out of the big red meathead.

"I dunno?"

I don't suppose it has anything to do with the fact that Piper is a complete bitch. Albeit a very cute one.

Angry Donut thinks she can kick all their asses, once fortified with human flesh:

Round Eye is just disgusted with all the hooliganism. Funny, coming from a cat that climbs windowscreens and broke my camera.

Gratuitous Red Dog Photo Alert!


kingsley said...

Round eyes is growing cuter and cuter.

Broke your camera?

What happeneded?

Natalie said...

Piper and Woo look like such good buddies! I love watching dogs wrestle. Sorry Tweed doesn't do well. I don't know if it's Piper's fault though! Some dogs just deserve a whoopin' and maybe he's just one of them.