Tuesday, August 14, 2007

That's One Angry Donut

Must be the human flesh she consumes.

Awww, my little spicy meatball!
(No Round Eyes were involved in the shooting of these photos. Anti-social kitten. Anyone want a kitten?)

If you could have one thing in this world, what would it be?

Red Dog, forever.
He's almost 11 years old. It's mind boggling. How did I take so many years for granted? My faith in him is so unshakable that I sometimes think he really will live forever.

Tweed, OTOH, probably will live forever. Just to piss me off.

His psychotically happy side

His pensive, Neighborhood Watch side

His caught-being-a-bad-dog side

This is Woo right side up

And right side down

Piper didn't want to play Photos tonight. She wanted to hunker over her beef bone and make ugly faces at everyone instead.

I'll be shooting at the PAC "Nats-We're There In Spirit" trial this Saturday, August 18th, at Highrun Dog Sports in Maple Ridge. If you're in the area, stop in and say hi!


MahnaMahna said...

I just love that photo of Red Dog... he is such a dear soul.

The Border Collies said...

I know, right? God I love love LOVE this dog!!!

The Airechicks said...

Hey -

You guys have a cute kitty cat..

Red Dog is very photogenic...

But all of you are cute.....

Stay cool

Sparky said...

Hey guys, I just found your blog on DWB and I LOVE it! The pictures are amazing! You've got a great photographer.


mammalsandbirds said...

So relate to your love for Red Dog.

Honestly, this blog is the best one I've found anywhere. It's the perfect balance of great photography and appreciation for the good stuff in life.

Is it almost time for an update?

It took three views to notice the dogs on the socks. Some of us take longer to get it than others:)

The Border Collies said...

Thanks everyone! I love that you love the photos and inspires me to be better, all the time!