Friday, August 03, 2007

Electric Woo!

It really is all about The Woo isn't it?


"Gah! Mum! He's kissing me!"


"I feel violated." :(

"Come on baby, don't be like that. I wanna share the love."

Kids. So tiresome.

Just kidding. I'm totally chill.
^^that's what arthritis does to doggy feet :(

"Yah, Yah ... so good ... yah"

"What? No. I'm not eating plastic. Well maybe I am. So?"

Angry Donut isn't always angry

And she is definitely not goofy. Not like SOME kittens I know ...

Okay ... SWITCH!

We haz conquered Dog Crate. Next, the world.

Okay, go away now.

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