Monday, July 02, 2007

You can lead a pug to water ...

...but you can't make him like it

Apparently, this is also true for greyhounds

"Gah! I'm outta here!"

I think I've said this before, but my favourite things about greyhounds has got to be their polish and grace

As Parker demonstrates, greyhounds are purely poetry in motion

Their dignity just really shines through in anything they do

Awww, poor Parker, I shouldn't make fun of her. She is actually a very beautiful dog. She is so athletic and funny. I'd never really seen a greyhound play before I met Parker.

An obligatory Mad Teeth (tm) interlude

This little fella, I have been informed, is an American Hairless Terrier. I confess that dogs without hair of some kind sort of gross me out, and yet I found this little fellow quite attractive. Woo, otoh, found him to be similar to a gopher.

"Did you throw the ball? Out there? In the water?"

"Where? I can't see it."

"Are you sure you threw it out there?"

Lars is thinking he might bring sexy back

Mr. Woo made a friend! He thought this little 'borderjack' called Daisy was a lot of fun. He took a shine to her right away.

He was having a really good time

Then he was having WAY too good a time. SHAME MR. WOO, SHAME!

But the blame does not rest entirely on Mr. Woo, because Daisy is a bit of a, well, slut
(just Adrian's kinda girl)

I was trying to get some new photos of Sawyer, who is Adrian's foster dog looking for a home. We thought some nice new photos would help people learn to love him as much as we do. He's such a neat looking dog.

But he kept taking off to go emulate Mr. Woo, who was up to his old tricks, Boinging For Biscuits. Woo knows a mark when he sees one. Sawyer knows a mentor when he sees one!

Good effort Sawyer!

But you're no match for the Woo!

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Anonymous said...

Um, I don't want to be ungrateful or anything, but it's been a LONG time since your last entry...every day I check and see only the pug at the top of the page. Now it's a cute pug and all, but I need my wootie/rd/tweird/mad teeth (tm) fix...I respectfully request another installment please...