Sunday, July 08, 2007

Time to play a game!

Lars or Tweed?
No cheating and looking at the source code!!

Ready to play??

Picture 1: Lars or Tweed?

Picture 2: Lars or Tweed?

Picture 3: Lars or Tweed?

Bonus Round! Which is Lars and which is Tweed?

This is neither Lars nor Tweed. This is Blaze. Like I could go to a park and run across a five month old red border collie puppy and NOT take some photos?

His owner was really mean. He wouldn't let me take Blaze home; something about me "having enough" or whatever. Pffft.

Woo was in super form today, leaping and bouncing all over the place for "G06" but I couldn't get it together to get any super shots. Which is too bad, because he had some pretty snazzy moves. I did manage to get a couple of passable ones though.

Like this one. "G06" didn't make it into the shot, which makes it easier to believe that he's doing an imitation of The Fonz, like when someone has shocked or disgusted him:
"ohhh, ehhhh"

Remember the movie FlashDance? Where the Jennifer Beale character does that like 4 hour long running in place thing in her audition that is supposed to pass for dancing?

Imagine she were Woo, and she had "G06" in her mouth while she did it.

I don't even know how to caption this one. But I am totally vibing on the enormity of his head, never mind the Cabaret Hands!
"G06" is now permanently retired. First of all, this bastard black lab cross (you know who your devil dog is, shirtless sarcastic guy!!) punched a big hole in it with his toy-stealing teeth and "G06" took on water like the damn Titanic. Then an obese pug hiked his little ham leg and peed on it. I took this as a sign and left it at the beach.

We are expecting some big ass royalty checks, because today Lars used Mad Teeth (tm) without any regard for our copyright:

It started out with a politely worded request from Sawyer to please run a bit, so that young Sawyer might give chase. You know, as a bit of a lark. Lars seemed amiable, initially:

But it went bad real quick. Poor Sawyer

This photo is of Piper. It has no funny captions. It's just that she hardly ever gets any air time, unless she is an accessory to Woo or Mad Teeth (tm):
However, if you want to see what Piper is REALLY like in person, you need to see a short video clip of her doing the devil-spins that I can't get in a mere photograph.

Check it out:

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Anyone know any good Newfie Jokes?

This photo makes me want to save a child from a burning building and then conquer world hunger and environmental pollution on my way home. What a noble beast!

Either that or I want a Farrah Fawcett hairdo. I can't decide.

Somehow, sweet though he is, Sawyer's head shot doesn't have the same effect on me.

It is surprisingly difficult to get good photographs of Weimaraners at the beach. They're grey, the water is kinda grey, the sand is grey. I usually end up with something that would be good for advertising Camouflage. But today I lucked out; I guess the lighting was just right.

I have no idea what he was wrestling with. It was smallish, mostly black and fast like a scorpion. I saw it whip by a bunch of times but whatever it was it never.stopped.moving.


A Wooterlude (to stave off the "Not enough Woo!" complaints)
(The Flamboyance - aka his tail - is a shout out to Jane)

So I don't know about you, but whenever I'm swimming with a big burnt stick, and a beefy little pitty bitch that looks like a living gargoyle wants it, I give it up.
Some (toy stealing) big black lab crosses (with skinny, shirtless, sarcastic owners) don't.

"ARGH! I am so cute!"

Red Dog ... not so much

This is Luca. I *like* Luca and that's why I am posting this photo. Plus, Luca had his own slobber on his nose. How to resist a photo of that?

Ever taken a photo of something and then later been like "WTF is that?"

Yeah. Well.


3dogslater said...

Lars. Tweed. Lars. Lars on the left, Tweed on the right. If I win, do you get Keeper? ;)

I'm convinced that Sawyer and Zephyr are brothers!

The Border Collies said...

No taunting!! WAAAAHHHH!! I want Keeper!!

I also think Sawyer is part of the Snow White and 7 Dwarves family, I really do!

Fiona said...

1. Lars
2. Tweed
3. Lars
4L. Lars
4R. Tweed

Keeper has puppy breath....

Natalie said...

You know I'm missing my movie to read this blog.

1. Lars. 2. Tweedledee. 3. Lars. Bonus: Tweed on right, I think. But I'm not certain about that.

The Border Collies said...

Yes, too easy ... but you have to admit they really do resemble one another!

3dogslater said...

Not too easy - we're clearly all dog-geeks who've read your blog so much that we know the nuances of Tweed vs. Lars.

Jane said...

Thanks for the bonus Tail shot! Spectacular, as usual! Remember, when Woo hires his staff, I want to be his Tail Fluffer!