Saturday, July 21, 2007

Chasing Tail

You filthy pigs. I'm not talking about that kind of tail! I'm talking about his kind of tail:

The Flamboyance

There aren't a lot of dogs in this world whom have body parts with their own nicknames, but Woo's tail is something else altogether. Woo is a small dog but his tail is larger than life. It's expressive, and puffy, and impervious to water. It waves high and low, improves your health, saves small children from burning buildings and can predict the onset of hoards of angry vampires set to take over your village!

Okay, really, it's just one magnificent piece of tail.

Everyone wants to touch it. Complete strangers bend low to the Woo and say "Well hullo, aren't you adorable?!" and their hands reach out and stroke the tail. People who visit my home often sit with a Woo on their lap and subconsciously manipulate the tail - they bend it, wave it around and use it to punctuate their sentences as they chat away.

Dogs are no exception.

Yesterday we were here:

As you can see, summer has once again deserted us. And for a city where it rains 9 (and maybe 11, this year) months out of the entire year, you'd think its citizens would be a little more impervious to bad weather. But alas, my fellow Vancouverites are all made of sugar and they must melt when it rains, because the beach was virtually empty.

But occasionally we encountered a fellow hold-out, one of those brave souls who, like us, ignore the weather and venture forth in rain gear. They, too, know summer in Vancouver is but a fleeting dream and have their feet planted firmly in a soggy reality.

So we ran across this super pretty little vixen

She was about the same size as his Wootiness, and the two of them hit it off immediately.

In no time at all, there as an awful lot of this happening:

But just like people, dogs can't resist Wootie Bootie. And in no time at all, the friendly WWF Smackdown had degenerated into this:

The little girl's owner was clearly embarrassed. She said "I'm sorry! I've never seen her do that before." I reassured her that it was a common theme in Woo's life, and that it was not her dog's fault. No one can resist the allure of The Flamboyance.

Eventually we prised her off and they went on their merry way. But only moments passed before we encountered a fellow orange dog.

This is Dudley. I don't think I need to point out to you how apt his name is:

Dudley, too, was enamored with The Flamboyance and the chase, once again, was on.

But Dudley, bless him, is not the brightest banana in the bunch. He got distracted by the the idea of chasing his own harness.

The Flamboyance, I tell you. It's a siren song to man and dog alike.


As it's been almost a whole week since I last posted, I feel as though I owe you more than just a little piece of tail. So here are just a few more shots from yesterday that don't necessarily need any funny captions or stories. Consider this pure viewing enjoyment.

"I can haz ball pleez now?"

I'm not sure what breed of dog this is. His owner says he is the easiest dog in the world to exercise, because he wants everyone on the beach to throw is ball except his own owner.

Here is Tweed, looking regal or noble or something. I don't know how he pulls this off for photos, when in reality he is nothing more than a mahogany butthead.

Piper can pull off the same stunt sometimes as well

But not always
Sometimes not at all

Poor Red Dog. I shouldn't even post this, it's so unflattering.
Look at the size of that boy's heed.
I'm not kidding, it's like an orange on a toothpick.
Shhh, you're going to give the boy a complex.
Well, that's a huge noggin. That's a virtual planetoid.
Has it's own weather system.
Sh, sh, shh.


Anonymous said...

What can I say? You have captured the power of The Tail in words. It is indeed a siren that beckons to man and beast alike. Some are jealous of its Flamboyance and others, like me, long to touch and worship it. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the picture of the dog with his teeth on The Tail. Remember, it's a moneymaker! Ah, Woo, what a magical little beastie you are!

Jody said... i married an axe murderer. Love that movie.

hornblower said...

I'm thinking that's a wirehaired vizsla. I saw a puppy version at a seminar a couple months ago...

As a small homage to Piper, today I posted a photo of my Daisy flashing her mad teeth. Come and see what you think of them.

cheers :-)