Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A whole shwack of Mad Teeth (tm)

I used to date this French Canadian guy and whenever he wanted to describe a large quantity of something, he used the word "shwack." Like maybe there were a whole shwack of guys who wanted to kick his ass, or perhaps a big shwack of his money went to weed every paycheque. I don't know if shwack is a genuine French Canadian word or a bastardization of a Canadian term or something he made up in his head when he was high, but whatever, it seemed apt.

So here's a shwack of Mad Teeth (tm) for you.

Here's some

Here's some more

HA HA! I don't know. What?

The secret to getting good shots of Mad Teeth (tm) lies in getting down and dirty and taking them on the dog's level. Naturally the dog who forces Mad Teeth (tm) to appear and the dog who uses them are both small. I am super sandy now.

Does Piper look nervous to you?

Gee, I wonder why.

I interrupt this shwack of Mad Teeth (tm) to bring you the following photo of Red Dog. For your convenience, I have drawn attention to the reason I post this photo:

More Mad Teeth (tm)

In my quest to get the perfect dog leaping photo, I waded out into the water up to my knees (this is a big step for me, I'm scared of water when I can't see the bottom) and managed to get a profile leaper:

Adrian did me one better and went right out into the water. Didn't bring his camera though. Chicken. Anyway, he had a nice cuddle with Sawyer out there.

Here's a Mad Teeth (tm) shot I like because while you can't actually see the Mad Teeth (tm), you know they're there. And while all you can see of Woo is his eyeball, you nevertheless know he is diabolical. Really, it's brilliant.

Some places have tumbleweeds. In Vancouver, we have innertubes. Seriously, this thing just moseyed on by while we were walking back to the parking lot ...

Hi Tweed!

Hi Piper!

Woo says he fell for that jumping-in-the-waves bullshit once, he's not falling for it again.

The shaking wars are over. Red Dogs says he isn't playing shaking wars with Woo anymore if Woo keeps playing dirty and busting out the gross eyeball trick.

The piece de resistance

This is my new, all time favouritist Mad Teeth (tm) shot. Yeah? Yeah, that's right. It's awesome.

But don't let all the Mad Teeth (tm) fool you. In reality, they are good pals these two.

In fact, I think Wootie is a little bit in love with her. It makes him a little giddy.

I have to edit my post tonight to add this.

Feel lucky to live where you do. I'm feeling lucky. This is what I'm looking at as I type this:

Thank you Vancouver.


Riva said...

waitaminnit! Adrian with no shirt but underwater? if you want bidders you must SHOW the merchandise!

and who is Sawyer? and where is Keeper?

I'm sooooo confused

The Border Collies said...

What, you think *I* wanted to look at a shirtless Adrian? Puhleeze. I'd have had to look while taking the picture. No thanks!

Sawyer is Adrian's foster dog. Keeper is at her foster home (sob).

Riva said... are so mean! ;-)

and why did you let Keeper out of your sight? bad bad bad...

maybe you won't be allowed at casa de riva....hmmmmm


Tracy said...

You know I love him dearly, but RD is a dork. And if that photo ain't proof then I don't know what is.

The Border Collies said...

doG bless his big red soul, he is indeed a dork. The bestest kind of dork though ... mine!