Sunday, July 15, 2007

On A Clear Day You Can See Forever

This is what they mean by "Sea To Sky." Vancouver is simply stunning.

At low tide, Centennial Beach in Tsawwassen is nothing but tidal flats ... miles and miles of sand comparable to the stuff on Molokai Beach in Hawaii, interspersed with tide pools of varying width and depth. And all of it dog friendly - I don't know that it's officially dog friendly, but when I asked a local where I could take my dogs off leash she swept her hand across the picture of the landscape and said "enjoy yourselves."

My friend "Alaska" is visiting town (guess where she's from. Go on, I dare you) and missing her two border collies, so I lent her mine for the afternoon. And came along with the camera to document it.

(that's not Alaska, you meanies! That's a dead crab! What a thing to think!! I'm totally telling her you thought that.)

Visiting Centennial Beach makes me wish I had a wide angled lens, because the landscape is so beautiful I felt like I couldn't absorb enough of it into my photos.

It made a really nice backdrop for the dogs.

Here's something you wouldn't have seen 6 months ago. Despite the fact that he has a Woo growing out of his ass, this is an amazing photo of Red Dog leaping for the frisbee. If I believed in a higher power I'd call it a miracle. He even managed to do this with a missing paw pad, which I only discovered on the way to the van for our outing.


Woo tried his hand at being a biped today, and playing frisbee like one.

Piper went for a "dolphin" look

Tweed was being all broody and "I-pose-for-the-camera-intensely" today.

Well, not the whole time

You can see the bottom of the tide pools, so I can walk in this water. Which means I can take photos from angles I can't normally get.

It also means Woo can see the bottom and all the lovely things that reside there. Dead fish (he ate that), seaweed (didn't eat that) and sand dollars. He fished for those.

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