Sunday, July 22, 2007

Oh Hai

Is it, can it be, kitten time now pleez?
"Oh Food Lady, what have you done now?" asks Toilet Kitty

I gots me some kittens, I does!! Look at these cuties!! Cats after TK's heart, they adopted the bathroom straight away.

I am thinking of naming them Round Eye and Grumpy. Guess which one is which?

Round Eye is an American Short Hair kitten.

Grumpy is a straight eared Scottish Fold kitten.
They are both 15 weeks old. I'm having difficulties deciding who is the most awesomer kitten. Round Eye has a motor on her that just won't quite and will fall asleep if you cuddle her. Grumpy has superior photo potential and will sit on your shoulder while you are walking around. It's difficult to choose!

Who's your favourite kitten?

Tweed says whichever one fits in his mouth is the perfect kitten for him.
He's waiting patiently.

Piper promises to be nice to kitties, she swears she will!
Don't believe everything you hear.

Red Dog says "What? What's a kitten? Is that like dinner? Or breakfast? I like food."

Mr. Woo, who rode home from Washington with The Angry Kittens Who Don't Like Being In Cars says he would much rather just run away from the whole idea.


Riva said...

you must keep both...that way toilet kitty gets photo ops!

and why is miss piper pigeon toed?

mr woo may come and live with angry kitties here...

and kittens are yummm...crunchy! ;-)

ok, that last bit was the damned dog!

Jane said...

Cute, cute, CUTE! (I think the sweet one should be "Shirley" and the grouchy one should be "Surly.")

Poor Woo! Get on the next plane and fly to North Carolina. I will brush your tail and feed you wonderful Southern delicacies.

Natalie said...

Oh my gosh.... CUTE!!!