Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ever Get The Feeling You're Being Watched?

We took a walk in the woods this afternoon instead of frolicking in the sea. I needed a change of pace. It's amazing how few people we saw, considering the lovely weather, though it made for a pleasant and peaceful walk. But we did see this little fella, whom I fell in love with, and I am pleased to say was adopted from the West Vancouver SPCA. Go animal adopters!!

Tweed, apparently, thought it was fantastic day

Piper felt that it was lacking a little something ... oh yes, Mad Teeth (tm)

Oh hi! I has a long tongue.

After a pleasant couple of hours exercising something other than my Chuck-It arm and focus fingers, we all came home and had a nap on the deck. Until it started to rain. Kind of a weird way to get woken up!!

So I don't know what all you losers are doing on Saturday night, but this loser sat on the floor and took photos of her dogs.

Oh brother. Here she goes again, always with the camera.

You want a photo? I'll give you a photo! Bring it on bitch.

Better yet, give me the camera and I'll take the photos. Gimme!

Except Piper knows not to take on the biggest bitch in the house, for realz yo, so she took on Woo instead. I don't know the name of this wrestling move, but it makes Woo ecstatically happy.

"Children, are you fighting??"

--in unison "No Mum, we weren't doin' nuthin."

Bah. Kids these days. Wake me when they're done with their tom foolery.

I concur.

Oh my goodness - what was that? Why, it's the infamous Toilet Kitty, generously gracing us with his presence. Here he is again.
A Toilet Kitty sighting is a rare event, since I try not to take photos in the bathroom. Consider yourselves very lucky to have see this!

Yeah, I dunno either. What?

Also a bit of a mystery.

The right half of his brain is quite happy to have his photo taken. The left half is plotting ways in which to kill me.

Piper knows it too. She's got a shitty poker face though.

Even Woo, the ham, got tired of me taking photos this evening.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we're heading out to Centennial Beach which is miles and miles of sand at low tide. I will probably incessantly post photos of the outing. Check back soon!


Riva said...

umm...tweird is humping your ottoman...thats just wrong.

however...toilet kitty is stunning and quite regal. you need to take more pics in the loo please!

Natalie said...

Toilet Kitty! I'm glad to see some photos of him!

The Border Collies said...

It's true, Toilet Kitty is a rare but lovely creature!! I should post more photos of him. I recently got him a present and will post photos of that soon as well.

And for the record, Tweed is humping my sofa not the ottoman. He does have SOME standards, after all.