Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fireworks are Hell

Celebration of Light?

More like How To Ruin My Night

Every year in Vancouver there are four hellish days worth of big-boom-bang-bright lights, accompanied by the entire population of Surrey squeezed into my genteel neighborhood. They suuuuuuck. Maybe they are internationally acclaimed. Maybe they are excellent PR for the city of Vancouver. Maybe they are HELL for those of us who live here.

For starters, I had agility class this evening. It took me less than half an hour to travel from Maple Ridge to downtown Vancouver.

It took me 40 minutes to get from here to here:
According to Mapquest, that should take 4 minutes to travel.

It just gets worse from there. I will spare you my insane ranting that accompanies every single year of the fireworks ... the freaked out dogs, Tweed vomiting, the endless noise, fights, stabbings and garbage that go on for hours and hours...

Dear City Of Vancouver: next year hold them in WEST VANCOUVER. See if the rich folk put up with the shit in their neighborhoods that you thrust upon us commoners.

Plus, they do this to Mr. Woo

These are a wee portion of some of the hundreds of thousands of people who invade my 'hood.

This shit goes on for like half an hour.
Less time than it took me to travel 1.17 miles to get home for the privilege of being bombarded with them.

I don't even know where the kittens are now.

Speaking of Kittens, now known as "Angry Donut" and "Round Eye", I do believe they are coming around to co-existing with the menagerie in my household.

Toilet Kitty was not sure, at first, that I had done him a service of any measurable kind.

Why for you bring home these kittens?

The kittens, as well, were a little nervous of the ENORMOUS TK.


But soon they all became pals.

No, not scary

With a little coaxing, they also adopted Mr. Woo, who fancies himself Mighty Protector Of All Things Kitten. The other night he *attacked* Tweed for staring at them - like a full blown, out and out assault. I think they're safe with Wootie.

I can tell that we are gonna be friends

The Sentry on duty

The Angry Donut says "You had a Toilet Kitty, but I eated it."

Shhh. Sleeping.

Goodbye and Good Riddance fireworks from Hell. See you again on Saturday. Grumble.


jane said...

Stoooopid fireworks! Great pictures, but stoooopid fireworks! Poor animals and RDM for having to suffer through them. Woo has a heart for kitties? He is so awesome----looks and character!

Anonymous said...

If you can't beat 'em.... capitalize on them. Could you perhaps, rent out your lovely front row balcony far above the crowd, complete with a snacks and beverages, for a few hours of fireworks viewing at some insane amount... perhaps... $150 per person for say... 10 people? and use the funds for your rescue? In the mean time, you and the dogs could spend the night far far away, somewhere....calm and quiet, say... Williams Lake - or at the home of another rescue person far away from hiss-booms. Dogs happy. Kitties perhaps could be farmed out elsewhere for an evening if needed, and rescue has much needed funds?

dp said...

I like the West Van idea better.