Friday, May 11, 2007

Surprise! More puppy photos

The little buggers are getting fat and sassy. They continue to scream at decibels the human ear was not designed to tolerate. Also, whoever said puppies sleep .... LIED. The only time I catch them sleeping is when I tip toe into my apartment after work and tip toe out again the with the big dogs to take them for a run. Even the big dogs have learned to tip toe - they don't want the puppies to wake up any more than I do.

Woo has decided that puppies are good, and wants to play with them often, which makes Piper jealous so she distracts him with her own game of wrestle. Woo is now the most popular kid at the party, and he is ecstatic. Everyone wants to be his friend now!

HURRAH! You like me, you really like me!

Mr. Tri has a real name now ... his name is Ryan. This is what his new home calls him. I can't reveal who this is yet, because I seem to have developed this reputation on the BC Boards for adopting TDBCR dogs to other board members on the sly and letting them reveal their new additions when they are good and ready.

Ryan remains my favourite little guy. He's bold but not obnoxious, and though he hasn't figured out the big step that leads on and off the deck from the apartment I don't think it means he is dumb ... just careful. The step is, after all, taller than he is.

He and Woo are good buddies, as he was the first one to accept Woo's invitation to play.
Nevertheless, Woo is still The Boss Of Everything, and that includes puppies.

Recognize this old trick?

Mr. Splits has figured out the deck step thing and runs in and out of the door like he owns the joint. He's the most independent of the pups and also the bitiest - as well as the biggest! He is a good two pounds heavier than his brothers.

Getting to know you ....

And Mr. Spots continues to charm with his big sad eyes, and he milks this for all he is worth. He is the most vocal and I think the ringleader of the gang of puppies who escaped their deck house this morning at 4:30 demanding breakfast. I can't prove it, but because he looks innocent, I'm sure it was him. Mr Splits probably just provided the muscle.

It's lonely being me

The pups spend a lot of time wrasslin', provided I don't go out on the deck. As soon as I go out there, they spend all their time biting me. It's hard to get photos of them because as soon as they realize I'm there I get totally mobbed. It's sometimes a little frightening, especially when they mob $3K worth of camera equipment.

And to finish off your evening (it's 9:30, on a Friday, and I am ready for bed!), a picture of puppy paws because ohmygod, they are so cute.

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh.....puppy envy!! They are so adorable. *sigh* Hubby and I are looking for an Aussie Shepherd. Keeping my eyes peeled for a pup.

Keep up the great work that you do. :o)