Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Puppies, What Else?

It is hard to take pictures of puppies. They move much faster than real dogs, and they are also like 6 inches high. They also shit all over my deck, so I am scared to get down at their level to take photos. These aren't great but hell, all puppy pictures are good right?

Mobius Strip Puppies
Start, Finish - Who cares? All Cute!

The split face is such a poser!!

Baby Seal Cute

Although Mr. Spotty ain't half bad either. His version:
Come hither puppy

I think the tri is my favourite. He has ridiculously tiny ears, but he's also got game!

Dude, some self control, please

I promise I will enlist a volunteer and get some really good shots of the puppies this weekend. They get vaccinated tomorrow, so will soon be able to venture into the real world, where all floors are not made of wood.

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