Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Oh boy, a shoe!!

On Sunday, Tweed turned 7 years old. He says it was the shittiest birthday ever - even Hank got a party and Hank doesn't even belong to anyone yet! Tweed got diddlysquat (apologies for invoking my mother). Adrian and I were busy building a garden shed on my deck (oh ladies - he works for lamb necks too!*), so too busy to celebrate poor Tweed's birthday. Oh well, last year he got cupcakes. Last WEEK he got Hankcake. He'll live.

(*not a sexual innuendo ... actual lamb necks)

So anyway ... a garden shed? That's odd, why would I build something like that?

Hmmm. I wonder.

Oh wait, what the heck are these?

Golly, is it ever tough being in rescue :) Floofy puppywuppiegins. Puppy Breath! (not photographable). Puppy Belly!! (TOTALLY photographable!)

Puppy pee and poop all over my floor - photographable, but why? Ewww.

Anyway, please note that despite toiling in the rain for hours putting together a $500.00 puppy mansion on my deck, the instructions which were written in Communist China, I think, all the photos of the puppies depict them in MY house. Why is that? Because the lighting is better, of course (yeah, right. Anyone want to buy a garden shed, brand new?)

So these pups and two more of their siblings got dropped off in rescue by a woman who 'thought there was a market for border collie puppies' but failed to sell a single one. I'm not a very good puppy foster home because I work, but it was either my house or the woman giving them away at a gas station, so here we go. One of my kind volunteers took two, and I've got the remaining three. They are about eight weeks old, all of them are males, and they will be available for adoption through TDBCR as soon as they have been neutered. Please adopt one, I don't want three puppies!!

But since they are here, some photos of the adorableness.

This is the big hunk of puppy, a very cute black and white split face. He was not entirely impressed with Piper initially, since compared to him, she is huge. I think it makes Piper feel good about herself, since usually most everyone dwarfs her.
This little fella is already a crowd pleaser on the boards I've posted photos on. He's quite attractive, and has a pretty laisez-faire thing goin' on.

Underneath him is Mr. Spots, who is so far the shyest of the bunch (oh man - someone just crapped on the floor. Eeeewwwww). He is going to be pretty heavily ticked as he grows up, as he all sorts of faint spots on his legs and lots of clear ones on his nose.

Their brother, ole tiny ears, is a tri colour also with lots of spots. I think he would go very nicely with Rossiebug's Buzz (I know you're reading this woman, don't try and fool me!)
This face could tear your heart out and shove it down the garberator, couldn't it?
The other two pups, the ones not pissing on my floor, are another tri colour and a really neat brown/black critter, not a colour I have ever seen before. They are a neat little bunch! Their sister was adopted already.

Tomorrow I'm going to move them into their bloody expensive mansion outside, weather permitting, so they have some room to flop around, wrestle, pee-not-on-my-floor etc. I have already recruited neighbors to come up and play with them during the day while I am at work. It's really not difficult to find people who love puppies that live at YOUR house!

Oh boy, a shoe!

And now I must retire for the evening. Puppies are tres exhausting. I have oodles more photos, so never fear blog reader! And if you have some ideas for names for these little fluffy clouds, feel free to share ... I'm too tired to think of any!

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Natalie said...

Oh my gosh. I love that first pup you posted. A-dor-a-ble.

Sorry about the poop and pee though. Always the worst part.