Thursday, May 24, 2007

Inside Out

There is nothing cryptic about this title. First I am going to share some indoor photos, and then some outdoor ones.

It's a long one.


Remember Tweed's Worried-Camera-Face? Here is it in all its pathetic glory, confidently being usurped by Miss I'm-Such-A-Keener-Face behind him:

And here it is again, being unceremoniously shoved out of the way by Mister The-Camera-Loves-Me Face:

This photo needs no explanation, but because I like to type it ....

This Is A Dog With A Tennis Ball On His Nose

And this is a dog who was released from the tennis-ball-on-his-nose stay and is, once again, a happy dog

Piper did not want a tennis ball on her nose. But she thought she did, because she is greedy and wants what everyone else is having. So she begged for it.

But she was quite happy to pose with the tennis ball in her mouth, after numerous unsuccessful and highly dangerous (for me) attempts to put the tennis ball on her nose.
Piper likes to put things in her mouth. I had to take away the chewed up ball though, because she also likes to sometimes swallow the things she has in her mouth. Last year, this cost me a great deal of money and almost my Piper as well. The "end" result was a pink pompom, a blue rubber bone, a bottle cap and several unidentifiable pieces of plastic which she eventually passed. Yikes!

Okay, so have you seen the funny cats with funny sayings site, that depicts ... well, funny cats with some nerdy gamers making funny captions for the pictures? I admit it, they make me laugh and laugh and laugh and I can look at them for hours.

Tweed finds them funny too, and wanted one of his own.

"I'm in your lens, stealin' your perspectives"


The other day my friend Barb took me to some pit, or spit, or poke or something with a definitively Surrey-like name to play in some suspiciously greenish water that had turtles in it. I was skeptical. I have seen turtles before and they never seem to live in really clean water. However, the dogs were happy as pigs in ... er, spit.

This is evidenced by the joyous rollings that occurred

Woo explores some other worlds

Barb's dog Buck is a handsome fellow with extremely selective hearing. There are certain commands that do not exist in Buckland, like "Come," "Get over here," and "Buck! BUUUUUUCK! Hey Buck!" So it was hard to get photos of Buck, because he spent most of his time sniffing in the woods and pretending not to associate with the rest of us.

"STFU!!! Can't you see I'm ignoring you, asshole?"

"What's that? 'Come here' you say? You'll have to catch me first!"

"Okay, fine, I pose for thee. Happy now?"

Then today, after a lunch meeting I had (and after spending money I don't have on a new duvet cover because someone (Mr. Woo) who shall remain nameless (Mr. Woo) pissed on my damn bed yesterday! (Mr. Woo!!!!!) (I cannot explain it. I blame the dirty turtle spit/poke water) I took the dogs to the dog beach. Red Dog is not able to walk much these days, so I'm trying to keep him going by swimming as much as possible.

This series is stuff you've seen before. I mean, you haven't actually seen these before because I just took them two hours ago, but it's just same-old same-old. Woo continues to be a bastard and Piper continues to flash Mad Teeth (tm).

First, prepare to launch at the target

Then do this. We aren't sure exactly what this is, but judging from the results, it's a highly effective manoeuvre

The result is, of course, a series of ever flashier Mad Teeth (tm)

Dancing Mad Teeth (tm)

"Seriously, piss off now" Mad Teeth (tm)
"If there wasn't a ball in my mouth I would literally kill you" Mad Teeth (tm)

And because I think no one should go through life without experiencing a photo series of disembodied floating dog heads, I offer you a photo series of disembodied floating dog heads.

One Mississippi ...

Two ...

Three's Company

And to complete today's entry, some more standard fare ...

Red Dog looking absolutely fabulous (if a little shaky on his pins)

And Tweird being ... himself

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