Saturday, May 19, 2007

Didja miss us??

Yes fans, it has been more than a week since I updated threewoofs; I've been a busy gal the past little while. I recently set free my day job in favour of something a little more fulfilling (note that my wallet seriously disagrees with this assessment), and had some photo shoots as well, and rescue has been very busy. (ALERT: PUBLIC PET RESPONSIBILITY ANNOUNCEMENT FORTHCOMING. Folks, please spay and neuter your pets. We are being overwhelmed with requests to take in border collies that we just don't have room for. Surrenders are up, adoptions are down. I'm no fan of math but even I can tell this adds up to T.R.O.U.B.L.E. for border collies. You can help, by adopting a dog in need. Tell your friends! We have some fabulous dogs in foster care who wish they had their own forever homes.)


Anyway, I've been too busy to bust out the camera for anything but work much these days. In fact, Adrian usurped me today by showing up at the dog beach with his brand new Nikon SLR in hand, and became .... well, me. He took all the photos while I threw the ball endlessly into the ocean. Maybe he has some good shots! Too bad he doesn't have a blog to show them off on. Neener neener neener!!

I did a photo shoot this week with the lovely lady of advanced years named Charissa. Charissa was adopted through TDBCR a couple of years ago when her owner, a retired sheep farmer, had to give up his dogs when he sold his land and sheep. Now thirteen years old, Charissa is a Therapy Dog, bringing joy and happiness to the elderly ... and she also has cancer. As my SmoFo friends would say, F*CK CANCER. Charissa had a softball-sized mass removed from her liver a few short months ago, and we are all hoping they got it all.

The lovely Charissa can hypnotize you with her big brown eyes. Doesn't she look other-worldly here?

She's just a stunning gal, a full figured woman, and while she may not be a super model, she's still really super. Even if she tends to lie down on the job a bit now and then.

I did manage to drag my tired ass self and my camera to the park the other day and take a couple of photos, but I was kind of obsessed with the Flying Squirrel that I accidentally threw in a tree the day before. It landed in a branch waaaaay up there, so high up that my usual tactic of swinging a leash at it to knock it down fell way short. And yet, the following afternoon ... the Flying Squirrel was gone. How? Why? Who took my Flying Squirrel and how the heck did they get it out of the tree? And why are my border collies, who are reportedly so damn smart, still looking for it?

So anyway, just a couple of shots from the park trip, as I didn't take very many photos, but I wouldn't want you to think I was abandoning ThreeWoofs.

The Greeting Of The Cruz Dog, who showed up to play.

One very handsome boy, if I do say so myself!

Pele, also known as Woo, still playing soccer

And though the picture quality isn't good, one is forced to take photos of stuff like this to ask the question ... why? Why does Woo do things like this?

Red Dog has now been on Tramadol for a couple of weeks and it doesn't seem to be working. Tramadol is designed to trick the brain into thinking there is no pain. Well, the manufacturers obviously did not design this for border collie brains, because RD is quite aware still that his elbow hurt likes a mofo. I've added a few more natural remedies to the arsenal of pills and powders he already gets in his daily rations, and next we are thinking about trying laser acupuncture for him. The thing is, I just cannot imagine my life without this dog, so I'm going to do whatever it takes to keep him going. Let's hope something works.

Now you may have noticed a remarkable absence of puppy photos in today's entry. You may also have noticed that my neighborhood has gotten considerably quieter. It turns out I wasn't the only person who felt that the puppies has a better-than-average set of collective lungs as they complained about the noise they were making. So I hustled them off to their designated real foster homes a day or so earlier than originally planned. If it is louder in Langley and Richmond than it used to be, I absolutely cannot imagine why that could be! And Ryan, my favourite, is now living the life of, well, Ryan in Saskatchewan with his mum Jody and his big sister Abby. Congratulations!!

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Anonymous said...

Namaste' Wow, you have some amazing photo's you really capture the essence of the dogs moods and feelings :0) Not sure if you enter the pics into contests? I loved seeing the interactions and body language you captured here. Kudos! BTW I am in Saskatchewan. I want to add you to a fav. list but am still working out how to add what I need on my blog site.