Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Object of Woo's Affections

You win a thousand Woo Bucks if you can guess what this is

Remember this?
It is the object of Woo's affections

I know he loves it. He's goes all cuckoo when I pull it out of the van (which is where it lives, so as to have peace in the house). Don't believe him when he makes this face when you ask him if he loves his "Fifa." It's just an act. "Fifa" is a worthy opponent, and Woo needs to pysch "Fifa" out.

(Note: also important in the "Fifa" VS Woo wars is deafening barkscreaming. You cannot see this in photos, but if you were in the general Kits area today, you probably heard it)

"Fifa" is very bad, and must be punished. In order to do this successfully, one must first fix an expression on their face reminiscent of a serial killer. Try to appear as psychotic as possible, because after all, the world is watching (Via the Food Woman's camera/blog).

Attack, while yelling like a crazy person ... er, dog. Barkscreaming - not just for landmasses anymore!

Then, dunk. Water will get up your nose, but it's worth it. You are Woo the Punisher. You must win this fight.

Once "Fifa" has been thoroughly drowned, take a quick break to chase Piper, who is minding her own business / is gleefully happy to be able to play ball without a Woonatic on her ear.

Pout when you get told off for Piper-Raiding. (Planed ears are vital to a successful pout.)

Return to water, regroup, plan new strategy. "Fifa" is floating merrily in the water. It appears the drowning was not thorough enough. This means war.

Be evil. Bring "Fifa" to shore, while glaring dramatically at the camera. Cue music that suggests more action to come.

Continue attack, but look sexy/flirty for the camera at the same time ... otherwise, what's it all for??

Punish "Fifa" some more, by rolling it in gritty sand. This is painful, and "Fifa" will eventually roll to a dejected stop.
To the victor belong the spoils. Pose like a foxy fox face.

And this is the face (+ noise) I get directed at me when Woo feels it's time for "Fifa" to get a good kickin' again:

And this is the face I get from Tweed when I am busy kickin' "Fifa" and not throwing his beloved ball ...

Annnnd this is the pose I get when I lure Tweed atop a big cement structure with promises of cookies he knows I do not have.

Lastly, some random leaping-into-water photos, because they amuse me. I am working up the nerve to one day go out and stand in the water with my camera while Adrian (who, by the way, is still for sale) throws the ball so I can get head on leaping photos, but I've not yet convinced myself the shot is worth it. All that water ... my camera ... alive things in the ocean I cannot see/might step on. I dunno if I can do it.

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