Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hey, Cool! Check It Out!

It's snowing. AGAIN.

*headdesk, headdesk, headdesk*

How is this even possible?! Even worse, I have undeniable proof that Mother Nature hates me, and only me: I drove to the pet supply store 20 blocks North of me - no snow. The grocery store 15 blocks South of me - no snow! Meanwhile, back at the ranch .... snowsnowsnowsnowsnow and then it snowed summore.

But the dogs still gotta run. So we went to Monkey Tree Park. The first dogs we saw?

Border collies.

This was Daisy

And this was her Brother, Nike (thanks for the info, anon!)
Daisy stole Mr. Woo's (irregularly sized) Buddy Ball
And then played keep-away with her brother

But Woo did not care. He was too busy looking for Spring.

I'm sure I just saw it somewhere. Maybe it's down here.

Get lost, Rudy. If I find it, it's mine, and I'm not sharing.

I said f&*k off! It's mine!

Can't really blame Noodles for his foul mood and confusion though!



Why hello there, pretty Spring day. Why don't you come up and see me some time?

Yesterday was gorgeous, sunny and almost kinda warm.

If you had told Luna that it was going to snow the next day, she would've taken this big stick and given your ass a beat down!

But Luna is dope-ass crazy. Word.

Jenn would have been !!SHOCKED!!

And Piper would have been angry.

And Tweed would've been ... well, he probably wouldn't have been listening, actually. He's vain and would be checking out his own reflection in a tidepool.

I wouldn't have believed it either.

Sarah over at Food For Founder is fostering one helluva fella called Pepper. He is a 9ish year old border collie with a serious fetch obsession. And he is bee-yoo-ti-ful!

We need more Sarahs! So if you are a border collie owner in the Vancouver area, think about fostering for TDBCR! We need experienced herding dog owners (or owners of other active dogs) who can open their homes to a wayward collie in need of a place to stay. We cover all the veterinary costs, and do most of the work when it's time to adopt your houseguest to a new home.

Want to learn more? Visit our website, and drop us a line. We'll send you a fostering application form.

If you don't, our dogs are going to hurl themselves into the ocean one after another in despair.

No pressure.


Andrea said...

Terrific photos of the dogs! You really capture their personalities!! :)

Cheryl said...

Love the Woo looking for spring. I hope he finds it soon and will share a little with me.

Vet Bills said...


Covering all veterinary costs is a great way to allow almost anyone to foster a herd dog!

Buzz's Food Lady said...

that picture of Piper on the rocks is TOO MUCH!!!!!!! I'm dead over here. Dead. And typing. And now for the codeword: reenesto!

myhandle said...

You did ask for snow.
Be careful what you ask for next time.
And for dog's sake, keep your snow on your side of the continent.

dp said...

ur in mah blogospheer bumpin' up mah stats

Whoever adopts pepper is going to be VERY lucky. He is a fantastic dog. Everything that border collie fanatics love about the breed, but with just a little less energy.

Anonymous said...

I'll trade weather with you - it was almost 80 here today.


That's technically "winter" correct? Not here.


Anonymous said...

Thea says: Daisy's *brother's* name is Nike! :) They sure are a pair!

The Border Collies said...

Isn't that funny! I thought Nike was a male when I saw him, but I swore I heard the gentleman call them "girls" and then I felt sorta bad for thinking Nike was a boy. Just like I feel bad when everyone thinks Tweed is a girl. Although I find it funny when people think Mr. Woo is a girl. HAH! Anyhoo, they are lovely dogs, the pair of them.

RachelB said...

I giggled at the Mae West-style photo of Piper. Lovely!

nickelsmum said...

Hello there pretty spring day... OMG, I love that picture! Awesome.

Jean said...

Mr. Woo, will you share spring with me when you find it? The piggies and I are sooooo tired of the ice and snow all over the place. We would like some spring real soon.

MalaysianFan said...

Like other fans, I adore your Seductive Piper shot, but that's the problem with alluring vixens like her -- one minute it's all batting eyelashes, and the next it's just Mad Teeth. No wonder Tweed turns his attention to under-aged puppies and trouser legs, with such a Drama Queen to contend with!

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Those are some beautiful pics. Found your blog through BCRO's blog. Thought I'd pop in for a comment. Hope to be back soon!


asha said...

There are far too many great photos of your dogs here for them all to be lucky shots. Wonderful work, and yes, very cool dogs!

riosmom said...

I agree with Asha - there are far too many great shots to be lucky shots. I love Piper's Mae West photo and Woo's defense of spring.

Any news on the home/condo front?