Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pssst. There's a ...

... hamster up there.

HellOOOOOOOOO! I said there's a hamster up there!

So many dogs, so little hamster.

Mr. Woo got a crappy seat for hamster viewing.

But you know what they say.

doG helps those who help themselves.

Mr. Woo is not ashamed of his love for MC Hamster. He just looks that way.


*brain explodes*

Hamster TV was the best and worst thing I have ever done. Hammy keeps the dogs busy for long stretches ... however, they stand on my end table to get a better look at him. And the constant low *keening* noise that eminates from Wootie makes watching movies difficult.

What's funniest about the Hammy addition is that Piper thinks about him all. day. long. I know this because the very first thing she does when we come home from work, or the park, or wherever, is sprint into the living room and check on the cage. Hammy? Check! Phew.

Oh my Hammy! Why don't you fall for me?

Right into my open mouth, not the mouth to the left of meeeeee!

So do you want to know what makes you guys FANTASTIC?


That's how much money you all have raised for Finn's trip to Nicaragua! You generous folks have not only covered her travel costs, but you have made a nice little contribution to the Casa Lupita "we need all kinds of shit real bad" fund.

Finn has a big smoocherooni for you all. It might have been a little something like when Woo makes out with my coworker, Mr. Pickles:

But it turned out to be more of a written thing.

Hey Everyone,

When I first decided I would seek sponsorship for this trip I wrote this big cheesebag letter, sent it to Sheena and asked her to look it over for me. Sheena took one look at it, declared it crap without actually broaching the subject and said she had amazing blog people and could do better.

I’ve known this woman for years. She’s always been right. She was again.

I’m used to being a smart ass, to naming dogs who have had one eye gouged out “One Eye” or “Ticky”. Tactlessness is sort of my stock in trade. And for the first time in forever I am completely out of smart-assiness and devoid of cynicism. To quote my original email to Sheena after she put the blog up “Holy. F*ckballs. These people are amazing”.

And you are. I don’t even know how to say thank you to everyone. Thank you. All. So very, very, very, very much. You rule.

Thank you for caring about these Portia, Raul, The Potato, Freda, Sherman, Lobo, et al. Thank you for your faith in me. I will work my ass off, blog me little fingers to the bone, take a million pictures, will not puke in the garbage can under the surgery table, will try to pawn dogs off on tourists and probably fall on my face a million times. I take all y’all - and your enormous generosity - with me. And I’ll do you proud. Or die trying.

The extra money will go to Casa Lupita to care for the clinic dogs and to help prevent further generations from being born on the street. God knows they need it, god knows it will be put to good use.

This is probably the most earnest thing I’ve ever put on a blog but that’s how dumbstruck I am. Thank you.

With enormous amounts of gratitude and respect and a lot less swearing than I usually use,


PS - Even before I leave, I am resurrecting the Sarna Dog Chronicles. I owe everyone a eulogy for The Potato, an update on some of our alumni, introductions to the new sarna monsters, and the usual Finnegan-Dowling-is-an-idiot non animal daily life vignettes. And trust me, I only get more idiotic in my native country.

And she asks that if you still want to help, please send money directly to Casa Lupita. They can always use the money.

I love you guys!

And hey, if you are looking for and having trouble finding a good K9 photographer in your area (unless your area is my area, in which case you'll make me cry) you should definitely check out MACROMUTT.COM, a super cool new directory for dog photographers across North America.


Colleen said...

That last photo made my heart be still. Stunning. It stopped me for a bit.

And WOOT! for Finn and Casa Lupita!! Can't wait for her blog to restart!

citydog said...


Anonymous said...

I still think that hamster is going to get out of the cage and kill you when you sleep. Stay vigilant Mr. Woo! Those things are bitey little bastards.

Honestly, though, Hundehouse, Val Arie, Roo, Blackjack's Carol, Companion Animal Solutions, everyone too numerous to mention - your generosity and kind words have melted the black ice of my heart.

And usually it takes a real, real gross street dog to do that. :)

And Sheena, we will be in the same city some day. Then all hell is really gonna break loose...

F-to-the-D. Woot.


dp said...

Great news!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, as always.

You might want to put some cardboard on the wire shelves in MC Hamster's cage though. The wire can hurt his poor little paws.

Totally Timmy said...

Yeah for Finn..my guys loved hamster TV..the hamster didn't seem to enjoy it though :(

Unknown said...

Wow. Woo is much smaller than I thought. Either that or Mr. Pickles is a giant!

Anonymous said...

Dogs and rodents...so funny. When we introduced a guinea pig to our household, my aussie was briefly intrigued with the idea of chase. Her interest in the piggy quickly waned, however. Now, she is only interested in stealing her food. I captured her in action the other night. :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCS5wW8CEYg

Paula said...

I'm such a nerd. "MC Hamster" totally cracked me up.

The Border Collies said...

You might want to put some cardboard on the wire shelves in MC Hamster's cage though. The wire can hurt his poor little paws.

Thanks! I did not know that, as his cage came that way.

Woo is much smaller than I thought. Either that or Mr. Pickles is a giant!

Mr. Woo is a giant favourite amongst the dogs, but he is not a giant person. Woo is wee!

"MC Hamster" totally cracked me up.

My ex had a rodent in his old apartment that he dubbed "Mouse Tse Tung :)

Sweet~Ceana said...

Please put MC Hamster in a ball and video tape barkscreaming.


StellaStar said...

*sigh* Hammy is way cute, as are the doggies who adore him. Does he have a name yet? (Besides MC Hamster...which is a good one!)

Anonymous said...

Your dogs are so much better than my girl is - she'd wait until my back was turned and then that cage would be on the ground and the hamster gone. Honestly, she may not even wait till my back was turned! LOL No respect...

Anonymous said...

If Woo is wee, Piper is too. No wee in hunkalicious Tweed. Nutz and Hamm, sounds like my lunch.

Anonymous said...

Go Woo... Mr. Pickles is cute..and he loves you.. um.. maybe he could love your food lady too?

The Border Collies said...

I think Mrs. Pickles might have something not-so-nice to say about that! Plus, while we all like my coworker Mr. Pickles, cuz he's a nice guy, he is also far too young for the crochety old Food Lady.

As for the Wees - Miss Piper is 30 lbs on the nose as of yesterday, Mr. Woo is a little lighter (but should be lighter still) and Mr. Tweed is only 37lbs or so. He seems so much bigger than Piper, but Piper's massive ego weighs a whole lot :)

Sabine Peters - Artwork & Photographie said...

Wonderful pictures. Great work.
Greatings from Germany

Black Jack's Carol said...

How do you do it? Photos incredible, comments hilarious.. just great entertainment! Thanks!

Very happy to hear that your plug for Finn worked so well. Her message in this post touched my admittedly soft, but with just a hint of jaded, old heart.

Off topic.. coming home by bus last night, I met the Critical Mass Ride at the corner of Granville and Broadway where I was transferring. One guy was so irate, he got out of his car and screamed, with blood-vessel bursting intensity and Finn-rivaling language, at the irritatingly (to the motorist) calm cyclist in front of him. I so wanted to take a photo, but knew better. One head injury is enough:) I looked for you. I can only imagine how funny your version of the story would have been.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Fellow Canadian, caught up with you through MacroMutt - on there too. Love your site and pups.

pam said...

We are going to try to get our mommy to get a hamster. Cause when he gets in the little ball we can play soccer!

Bobo and Meja the Sharpei puppies

Anonymous said...

You made me snort again. Bad Food Lady!!!

You need to plan another road trip - DOWN HERE!!!

dreameyce said...

Now if you had 3 more, you could have a HERD of hammies! Who needs sheep, when the world has rodents for herding dogs??

I have pet rats, and my herding dogs appreciate their 'herd' of ratties. GOTTA protect the ratties!