Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today I drove from Vancouver to Princeton BC. And then back again.

It was a pretty day for a road trip through the mountains.

Hello! Giant Man Hands here!

My friend Jackie tagged along to keep me company. This made Tweed so happy, he made faces.
He wuvs Auntie Jackie's special bum scritchins.

Piper thought it was great!

Mr. Woo ate snow.

(And he rolled in something NASTY in Princeton. PeeYOO!)

Princeton was snowycoldness. -2 degrees outside. Brrr.

And the residents of the town seemed a little different. AND they didn't use the crosswalks!

It was a long road trip!

So why on earth did we drive all the way out there?

Why, for this!

That's Chance. Chance needed us. He had been in 4 homes in his short 18 months of life, and the last one was fixin' to put a bullet behind his ear ... because Chance wouldn't stay home on the property (gosh, I wonder why?).

But Chance has a guardian angel named Sherry. One time, when Chance was running around doin' his thing (his thing is running around!) she picked him up off the road. She talked Chance's latest owner into giving him up, then she bundled him into her car and drove him to Princeton, where she handed him over to us!

Chance is one lucky dog. And a very handsome one with lots of obedience training under his belt!

He was sad to leave his new BFF Sherry, but now he's on a journey to a wonderful new life. Once he gets the okey-dokey from our vet, Chance will be looking for a new home through TDBCR.

Mr. Woo wants to go back to Princeton. He says he really wants to eat .. eer, MEET the special people that live there. He says they look FANTASTIC! Barkscreamaliscious.


Anonymous said...

Yes sir, Mr. Woo, one venison burger coming right up. Want squirrels with that?

Meanwhile, back at the farm, one hopes Angry Donut is only dreaming of a HAMMburger.

Anonymous said...

Oh that Chance has the sweetest smushy face. I hope he finds the perfect person who will keep him inside and do fun sports things with him.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your road trip and rescuing Chance.

Anonymous said...

Chance reminds me of our Nikki, 'cept Nikki is red and white. Same brushy smooth coat, expressive ears, and salt&pepper muzzle! Thank doG Bob of Washington state BC rescue did for Nik-Nik what you're doing for Chance. Now she is a spoiled Daddy's girl when at age 18 months she was an indiscriminate breeding bitch kenneled outside some old rancher's farm. I'm sure you'll find a great home where Chance can be as spoiled as Nik.

Poor Woo. He seems to be a bit overstimulated lately.

pam said...

Mr. Woo you can come to our house to meet some of those people. They run through our back yard all the time and drive us cuhrazy.

Bobo and Meja the Sharpei puppies

Unknown said...

Wow, all those deer, just hangin' out in plain sight. I can't believe Mr. Woo didn't take one home with him.

Anonymous said...

Chance... kinda partial to rescued dogs named Chance. How is he with Donut?

The Border Collies said...

Chance does not stay with me! I cannot foster cuz of my strata. He is in another foster home, but it's cat free.