Sunday, January 25, 2009

Smoking is bad for you

And it's not just cigarettes. Pipes are bad for you too.

Though one may look dashing with a pipe ...

smoking kills.

And at first your friends and family will be sad about your demise

But eventually they will go on with their lives

And forget you ever existed.

Woo? Woo who?

So take up a different hobby. Maybe a sport.

This has been a public service message from The World's Bossiest Dog.

Who has feet, but no visible legs.


Strangely enough, I did not win the lottery last night. That's weird.

It's also too bad, because late this week I heard from my landlord who wants to sell my condo.

ARGH! I just moved in like 3 days ago or whatever!

He's offered to sell it to me, but banks do not generally like to give mortgages to women with more dogs than sense. Or cents, if you'll pardon the pun. And you have to, because this is my blog.

I figure I have three options:

1) Kill my landlord, find his will and alter it to suggest he's left the condo to me. But this one sounds like a lot of work.
2) Move. Again.
3) Go to the Bank Of Mummy And Daddy.

How come my photography does not make me rich?!

It is, however, making me moderately famous. A little birdie tells me that TWAAW will soon make an appearance on the most excellent and informative blog Behind The Behaviour from the wise folks at Companion Animal Solutions. And even if it does not, the blog is a great site with loads of really good insight into the canine bean. You should check it out!

It's really neat to see what sort of photos tickle your fancy. Keep up the good work with your photo contest entry suggestions!

Captain Ice Beard commands you.


Buzz's Food Lady (aka r0ssie) said...

that Woo & pipe photo could definitely win an award. Holy hell that's funny.

Yeah, you moved like 2 seconds ago, that sux.

Paws on the Run said...

Sorry to hear about the whole condo thing. That sucks. At least the Captain posed for an awesome photo! Love the pipe ones too. Too funny.

shihtzustaff said...

I would try out the bank of Mommy and Daddy. It is a good time to buy a condo as it might only cost you an arm and a leg as opposed to you know, your whole body. And, you did just move!

Anonymous said...

The best public service announcement ever! :)

Kathleen said...

You could do a Big Air book. Heck, The Daily Coyote and Disapproving Rabbits are best sellers and they are picture books with some witty captions and a heart felt text. You can do that. You already have - it's all ere on your blog.

Riva & Rainey (proud new homeowners!) said...

if you like your condo and the Bank of Mommy & Daddy is lending...and the price is right of it! as a new homeowner I will tell you that it is wonderful! it sounds like this new place is great...and wouldn't it be nice to never have to worry again? I'm looking forward to no more landlords trying to screw me over. :-)

Diamond Girl said...

Feet and no legs made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the cheer-up.

Carol said...

A 3WAAW book would be front and center on MY cocktail table. I hear that writing a book is not for the faint of heart, but then neither are border collies!

Does the Bank of Mummy and Daddy have money to loan? You seem to love your condo, and it IS a great backdrop for indoor photos.

I have a confession to make. I fell in love with a friend's 3 year-old Goldendoodle last evening. I am so ashamed. A Doodle! But Pluto's kisses are out of this world. LOL!

Alaska said...

Hullo. I've been mostly offline for a bit, so several comments together here:

1. Why is there no background in the pipe photos? Don't tell me you STILL have snow in Vancouver? Gaah.

2. Get a loan from whatever bank will have you.

3. I like the "threesome" photo.

4. Great interview. I especially liked all the nice things you said about Tweed. Now he probably *will* get that last snookers leg soon.

5. I will never, ever tire of reading about Briggs.

Anonymous said...

That sucks about your landlord. A similar-ish sort of thing happened to me last summer. It might be worth talking to a mortgage broker and seeing what sort of deals you can get, though... you might be surprised. I ended up buying, and I pay less than I would to rent in the dog-unfriendly Vancouver apartment scene!

Your photos *should* make you rich, though :-)

The Border Collies said...

The bank of Mum and Dad have kindly agreed that they may be able to fund my foray into home ownership. Probably so they can sell it out from under me to fund their retirement!! Now it all rests on the shoulders of my landlord, who has a rather inflated value of this condo. If he comes down to a reasonable price tag, this could all work out! If he does not, no one is going to buy it anyway, so I'll still be here for a while yet :)

There is still snow in selected areas here in Vancouver, yes! One of the dogs parks we frequent is still almost all hard packed icy snow, and that's where the anti-smoking ad was shot. Trust Woo to make a boring background interesting!

I did take the dogs to the beach yesterday, thinking some new scenery would jazz things up a bit, but sadly I neglected to pack the memory card for the camera, so there are no photos. Some days I am dumber than dirt!

Larissa said...

*crosses fingers and Athenas ears* i hope you get to stay where you are! i know how hard it is to find a place for dogs. Part of the reason i'm still at my moms after my former house got foreclosed on (thanks old Landlord) So here i stay until i can find a place that is reasonable. Seriously a 1 bedroom apt for 1650 is not reasonable....maybe i need to move to a new state. California is too spendy.

Love the snow pics wish we had more of it here!

cruznk9 said...

Landlords who want to sell property soon after getting a new tenant should be fed to the coyotes.

Companion Animal Solutions said...

I can't believe that your landlord rented you a condo and then decided to sell it 15 minutes later. If he doesn't want to come down to a reasonable price for you to buy it, I think you should send in Miss Bossy Pants. I'll bet if she shows him her Mad Teeth tm in person, he'll get reasonable really fast.

R said...

Wait, aren't you technically over the pet limit for your condo building? What happens if you buy it and someone complains?

That would be my luck.

Hunde Haus said...

There are dog parks that have anti-smoking laws? Seriously?


I am moving back to the concrete jungle of Vancouver in a year or so and now I'm panicked.

Ahhhh shit. Buzz kill folks.

Hunde Haus said...

Ooooh, thinking of what R said.....

Buy a house! With a few acres! Out in the Valley! (still solidly affordable! ) And have a delicious time!!

Oh! Oh! And get Finn!

( I very seriously miss that lady's blog. )