Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dogs With Jobs

Staff Meeting

Corporate Takeover

Flirting with someone in another department

Sleeping your way to the top

Sneaky co-workers

Evil supervisors in good with the boss

Temp staff

Competitive coworkers

Staff Christmas Party

I like that I can bring my dogs to work. They get to come with me 2 or 3 times a week. Sometimes my boss' dog Turbo (^^) comes in too. And occasionally one of our volunteers brings her pal Fenway in when she comes to do some work for us.

The dogs are so used to coming to work now that they just install themselves in different places all around the office - under this person's chair, under that person's desk, and snooze most of the day away.

Plus the PR guy always saves everyone the last third of his lunch. They think he rules.


Diamond Girl said...

That "competitive coworkers" picture is awesome. You are very lucky to get to bring your pups to work. I'm very, very, very, very jealous.

Mr. Bison and Lindsay said...

You are so lucky to get to bring the woo's with you to work. I can only dream of the day that will happen. The corporate setting suits them well. :)

Hunde Haus said...

Fantastic that you can take your buds to work with you a few times a week!!

Just that alone would make me want to stay employed at where I *slave*.

Ohhhh, yup.

Good luck on getting what you want with your living situation! Thinking positive thoughts towards you all...

alex said...

Loved it! Thanks for the smile.

riosmom said...

You are on a roll, FoodLady! Loved the last three posts and urged friends to go to your blog for a smile. Good luck with the condo and hope you share with us the pictures you choose for the photo contest.

Jodith said...

At my previous job I was able to take my dog to work on Friday's. He absolutely loved it. When I'd go in on weekends, I'd take all 3 of the dogs. The younges one got a kick just running up and down the stairs.

That's the only thing I miss aobut that job, being able to take the dogs in with me.

Alaska said...

Wow, that FEEDJIT thing is seriously bizarre. I just learned a whole lot of things (that may or may not be true) about my alleged neighbors. Bizarre. I think maybe ignorance was bliss. Unfortunately that's all history now :(

Anonymous said...

The bosses bring their two dogs and its a blast. My little guy used to go to work every day with the ex husband, they even made him the logo for the company for a while. They were very sad when he had to come live with me.

Fenway said...

PR guy is very savvy....food is a major PR tactic.

Hey!!!!!! There's ANOTHER Fenway in the universe? My West Coast doppelganger perhaps?

rosalie(ta) said...

The staff meeting and corporate takeover shots are hilarious. Way better than Wegman.

dogzoomies said...

I loved this series! No water cooler chat? Hee hee! The pups are very lucky to be with you during the work day. I had an office dogs post awhile back and like your guys (after all the meetings and takeovers) they sleep most of the day!

sakemartyr said...

the flirting & sleeping one was hilarious, but my favorite was corporate takeover. you're way too funny & witty for your own good. =)