Saturday, January 03, 2009

Macabre Vancouver

Hello, Spring? Are you in there?

Just when you thought it was safe to drive ... Winter returns with a vengeance! Vancouver is once again blanketed in fresh new snow. WTF? Who ordered this anyway??

We're all going a little bit stir crazy in here.

Fooood Laaaady, I'm boooorrrrred.

I'm going to bug the Cat.

You best do something with these annoying dogs, before I take matters into my own claws.
This are serious cat. We take Donut threats to heart. And so, out we go, in the snow.

My new neighborhood has one whole park, but it has miles of graveyard across the street. And interestingly, this is where the folks of my hood socialize. Today there are sledders, and other dog walkers, and kids making snowpeoples. It's kind of weird, when the cemetery is your playground.

The dogs don't care, they are just glad to be outside in the (ridiculous, annoying, never ending) snow.

Bored no more!


The graveyard is actually pretty cool ... although I don't think these trees bent this way before the snowstorms.

It's a scenic stroll, when your toes and fingers are not freezing off.

Are you guys having fun?

Yay!! Snowtimez!

Okay kiddos. Time to go home.

But but but ... why?

Cuz my fingertips are getting frostbite.

Oh doG. Save me. They're back.

Is anyone else experiencing bizarre weather? One of the reasons I live in Vancouver is the usually polite snow, the kind that visits for a couple of days and then goes back to Prince George where it belongs. I don't know what to do with all this white stuff!


dp said...

It is getting ridiculous. We have lost two frisbees and some endless number of balls in the snow. We need a parachute or something to use as a snow toy. Can't wait until my dogs can RUN again because they are getting a bit annoying with pent-up energy.

The Border Collies said...

Try a soccer ball. We have been playing with that on and off, although today we just walked for an hour as the caretakers frown on playing soccer in the graveyard.

BCxFour said...

Bizzaro weather yes, we are south of you in Orting, at the foot of Mt Rainier. We got a nice dumping on yesterday too. I grew up in Whatcom County (Ferndale/Bellingham) and I can remember 30-35 years ago that we had snow like this almost every year - snowdrifts over the top of telephone poles - thanks to the Frazier river valley Nor'Easter. I think it is cyclic - and within normal. Not fun with dogs though - all of ours are pretty tired of it too.

The Border Collies said...

The last time it snowed like this that I can recall, was about ... 11 years ago maybe? I recall walking to my mum's place on Christmas Eve with Briggs, cuz no cabs were running. And I seem to remember the winter before that was bad too, and the power went out whilst I was cooking a turkey because the snow was so bad. So I suppose it does come and go. Too bad it had to come while I have all this time off and no way to get out and do anything! I probably should have invested in some snow tires.

BrittBeah said...

The people where I used to live hung out at the old grave yard too. I thought that was weird at the time too. Glad we weren't the only ones.

rosalie(ta) said...

I invested in snowshoes, with the idea I wouldn't even have to go up a mountainside to use them. Best way to tire Rosie out. Went to the Lynn Valley Headwaters on New Year's and they had 10 inches of new snow. Might try either Burnaby Mountain or Mosquito Creek tomorrow.

dune said...

the past 2 weeks out here in central massachusetts has been pretty mental, too. we got dumped on, about 2 feet, then within 4 days it was almost 60 degrees and totally melted. then a few days later, another 8-10". but it's new england so we're used to the weirdness.

i thought all you canadians were used to snow?!?

Jodith said...

We're down in Bellingham, and while it's not quite as bad down here, it's still been pretty insane. We have dachshunds, so they aren't tall enough to run in snow deeper than an inch *laughs* so they've been pretty much housebound for the last couple of weeks. That Booooorrrrrreeeed picture pretty much sums up all 3 dachshunds at the moment.

j.w. said...

Hi, I'm a new-ish reader, just gotta say I love your photography! You really know how to capture a dog's expressions.
Quick question for you, how do you train your dogs for recall? We have a foxhound, and he's notorious for his nose turning on and his brain turning off, and then off he goes. We're thinking about trying whistle training, but I'm curious to find out what has worked for you.
Looks like Ohio will be getting some of your snow this week... it was 60 a couple of days ago and now we have mud. Yuck.

MerleGirl said...

Salutations Food Lady. I've been over here on the East Coast giggling nonstop for the last few weeks reading through the archives. There have been at least two instances of iced tea out the nose and one episode of laughing until tears streamed down my face.(In my defense it was 1 am and I had a LOT of caffeine in my system.) My aussie Aspen is giving me Jealous Eyes for spending so much time admiring your crew. My beagles think it's great that I sit still long enough for them to get comfy on the couch. Thanks for the laughs and great photos. It's comforting to know you aren't the only person out there with a sick twisted sense of humor.(who takes it out on their dogs) :D

Anda said...

WOW, lots of snowtimez for the pups, they sure look happy! We've been snowless in Colorado for a week, but it started snowing today - not much on the ground and hopefully it stays this way. There were freakin' 65F yesterday!

Anywho... love the snow shots, looks like you took your 50mm for a frozen walk ;)

The new playground is a bit creepy for me, but the photo opportunities are endless and awesome!

Jen said...

Be thankful you aren't in Saskatchewan.... right now, here in Saskatoon it's -51 with the windchill, -39 without. Try living with a giant Lab puppy and a Border Collie who can barely cope with the cold long enough to relieve themselves. It's been a long few weeks and I can't wait for spring!! I would love to be in Vancouver right now, even with the snow! :)

The Border Collies said...

We have a foxhound, and he's notorious for his nose turning on and his brain turning off, and then off he goes. We're thinking about trying whistle training, but I'm curious to find out what has worked for you.

Well, the whistle will work as well as recall command, but only if he is motivated to come when called. It's not the implement that works, it's the dog's reaction to the implement (or command). You should really find a trainer well versed in terriers to help you out. What works for my dogs, may not work for you. Or for that matter, work for Mr. Woo who is terribly disobedient :)

Cavewoman said...

Ok, all you folks who are tired of snow, please send it to VT. I don't care if you UPS, FedEx, or USPS it, just send it on over. I've got brand new snow shoes and no snow!

I love that you get to play in the cemetery. I think cemeteries are awesome.

Alaska said...

I believe the correct form of the question is: "Is there anyone who is NOT experiencing weird weather?"

Answer: Not that I know of.

Dog answer: It's all good.

Anonymous said...

I live in Montana and the snow just keeps coming. And bone-chillingly cold. We have to time our Humane Society dog-walking because some of them are small or don't have enough fur. One day the weather go warmer and I got caught in horizontal slush-blizzard. I shudder to think of the mud when this melts. Muddy dogs...

ACB said...

The high today was 76. It's great in the winter but come summer it's 100+ degrees with 100% humidity. I'd rather be cold than hot, cuz you can only get SO naked before you run out of options.

lindsieleigh said...

Hi There!
I just wanted to say that I love your blog. Your dogs crack me up :). I just started a blog about my 2 and the fosters we raise. I was wondering if you cared if I put a link to your blog on me blog roll?

EvenSong said...

Why, Food Lady... Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that you were LOOKING FOR some snowtimez fun for the Goggies? Be careful what you wish for! Especially when it affect all the rest of us in the region!

The Border Collies said...

I only wished for a LEETLE snow. Not weeks of storming! If my wishes are so powerful, how come have not yet won lottery and do not have millions of handsome men groveling at my feet, hmmmm? I suspect someone else had a hand in this!

Anonymous said...

Damn, you make me smile Food Lady, and I still think Woo is the coolest dog ever. He makes me Laugh Out Loud every time I see him.