Friday, October 31, 2008


The dogs don't really 'get' Halloween.

"Whadda ya mean 'lame excuse for a costume' exactly?"

But hey, at least he wore them. That's more than I can say for SOME Pipers we know.

Personally, I think Mr. Woo, AKA your 9th grade French teacher, wore them quite well.

The only person in the house who was really in the spirit of Halloween was Donutz.


You can't really blame the dogs for not being down with Halloween though. The downside to living next to a graveyard is that the neighborhood celebrates Halloween hardcore, and the firecrackers have been obnoxious all week, and nonstop since 5pm this evening. Tweed and Woo lasted 20 minutes at the dog park and then were huddled at my feet shaking like leaves. refusing to play fetch any longer.

I get no fun Halloween Parties. I don't get to go outside and play with fireworks with the neighbors. I am stuck in the house babysitting two phobic dogs (and a Piper, who thinks Boys Are Dumb).

So we are enjoying a quiet evening in finding indoor stuff to do. I think I've located Tweed's highschool year book photo:

"Oh puke."

And Piper's head shot from her modeling days?

"Yawn. Boring."

And Mr. Woo's ... oh screw it. Here's Mr. Woo in glasses again, cuz it's funny.

"Oh GAWD. That's atrocious!"

Okay, so clearly Donut wants to be in today's entry.



"Oh, you want to take my photo? No. Go away. I dismiss you."


"HAHAHA! You got pwned!!"
(picture not sideways - that's Woo laying on the couch)

"Pwned? What's pwned? Can I fetch it?"

"Is that a firecracker I hear?"

My "big brave" boys hiding out on the sofa

I should go join them.




Jean said...

You crack me up!!! I love Donutz' commentary, and Tweed's high school year book photo. Oh heck, I love all the photos, and all the captions.

Kathy said...

HAHAHA, I love Donut.

Kathleen said...

My Celeste is totally NOT into dressing up, or having her photo taken. She seems to have the idea that the camera will steal something of her soul, or maybe reveal her deepest she avoids the camera like the plague. Only on days when she's feeling particularly daring can I snap a picture of her.

Hmmm. Maybe my bribes are not up to snuff. Maybe she needs more cookies...

MaskedMan said...

Had me laughing! 'Nutz is such a typical cat - a sardonic feline combintion of Leonard Maltin and Mr. Blackwell. Mr Woo, however , remains the biggest joker of the bunch!

No fireworks here (fireworks on Halloween? What's up with that..?!), but lots of kids in some fairly inventive costumes. I sat on the porch with the bowl of candy, with Suka at my side. She had some comments to make on some of the more inventive costumes, most of which boiled down to "What the hell is THAT..?! Do I need to bite it?"

So, I spent most of the evening popping up to walk down and meet the kids, leaving Suka to bravely guard the porch. From behind my rocking chair.

Buzz's Food Lady said...

Woo in glasses is the best thing I've seen in a long time. Thank you.

Carol said...

Gotta love em all, but Donut'z appearance in the blog always makes me smile!

Tweed, you handsome, "brave" devil, you. Camera just loves ya, huh?

Teacher, can I go to the bathroom? I need another smoke, um I mean TO GO.

Piper, of course you can fetch pwned. You're a talented little fetching machine, girl!

Natalie said...

Oh Donut is just SO gorgeous. Love those spots and stripes!

riosmom said...

I love glasses on dogs and they are perfect on Woo. The title on most pictures, though, could be "Oh, the indignity of it!"

I did a little photo essay of Gracie with glasses on CL - it is not nearly as good as your photos but here it is

tinsenpup said...

Oh, I love the black and whites. Tweed looks like Errol Flynn or something. (If Errol Flynn was a dog, obviously.)

sakemartyr said...

hilarious...especially donutz.

Michelle Ioapo A'etonu said...

my friend told me about your blog and I love it! can i add you to my blog list?

Kate said...