Saturday, October 18, 2008


The official launch of my photography website.

Please have a look around, and tell your friends.

So this evening I am forced to admit that I am a bad, bad Food Lady. I have clearly failed to be a moral compass for young Tweed. For today, at the beach, I discovered Tweed posing for Playgirl. Even with that stringy half assed excuse for a tail!

The horror.

He is too sexy for the sand, too sexy for the sand ...

Either that or he was possessed, perhaps by demons. Come to think of it, that would explain quite a few questions I have about Tweed.

Onlookers were shocked.

Piper was so embarrassed she went into hiding.

But the real trouble began when Mr. Woo, who so wants to be like his big brother, started emulating Tweed.

It's just downright humiliating. I blame YOU, blog readers, for all your talk about how
"Tweed is sexy" and "Tweed is awesome" and all that. You've corrupted him. I hope you're happy.

"Oh, hai. I have no chin."

I don't know why it is, exactly, that some days I take my camera with me and don't get anything I want to show anyone. And other days, the photogods smile down upon me, and give me things like:

This very expressive random black dog, who is the new Official LongDog, as well as holding the title of Spanish Banks Ball Receptacle.

...with crazy feetsies.

Or this very photogenic Aussie we call "Fat Tongue"
You'd think that tongue thing would be painful.

Maybe that's why he was barking - "OWWWW, that futhermucking hurt!!!"

Even my own dogs were full of photo ops today.


Seriously, this photo would be so much better if Woo were not in it! I mean, I think Tweed is doing The Funky Chicken dance, or possibly The Electric Slide.
But then again, Woo was in, like, EVERY shot today. He was like Photo Op Ninja Dog. Take aim, begin to depress trigger and POOF, Woo comes flying into the frame.

Sometimes literally.

Piper offered up a little comic relief with
Wootie Toy Fail

but not even Piper was immune to the Woo FLIES Into The Photo syndrome.

Is it any wonder she gets all Mad Teeth (tm) at him sometimes?

He didn't even need anyone else to be in the frame to sproing into action.

I did get a couple of nice, Woo-free photos:

But my new favourite is this shaking photo of Tweed.

Because he looks like a 1960's hairdo with legs and a face. Tell me he doesn't!


zeghsy said...

yay! (fix the link, it's not happy...)

Tatyana said...

Very cool! Looks good so far.

May I make a suggestion though? I would change the picture on the upper right. Its dark and with the dark background, it sort of blends in and isn't very vivid. Or maybe change its position around with the other images. I mean i know it represents that you don't only do portraits (at least that's what I interpreted from the presentation of the page) but its hard to see the picture without looking super carefully. I just figure that the front page should give the quickest impression. Like the picture of Dusty looks great there, for example - its clear, start and right to the point.

Just a thought :) Congrats on the launch!

Anonymous said...

Tweeeeeed. Heeeeellllp. So I click on Big Air and get a black screen. So I click on That'll Do and I get a pale blue screen. Tweed, please could ya fix.

Anonymous said...

Oh Tweed. You are sooo goood and fast. Now I can get both. Love the new site .... will it be updated frequently with new pics to tease and entice your fans?

The Border Collies said...

Oh Tweed. You are sooo goood and fast. Now I can get both.

Sorry, we don't know what you're talking about. We didn't touch either website between your first and second posts.

b13 said...

The new site is fantastic! You'll have no problems getting clients from what I've seen ove this past year. And the bio shot... va-va-va-voom. You and Tweed are BOTH cuties ;)

AKDD said...

Hilarious photos. HILARIOUS. And gee, thanks a whole lot for THAT, damnit, becuase now I have to clean coffee off my monitor! >:(
:D :D :D

SOOO excited for your new photo web site! You GO, girl. I love to see talented people make a go of it off their gifts, so I'm sending success vibes and visitors.

Carol said...

Nobody can do the SHING-A-LING like I do
Nobody can do the SKATE like I do
Nobody can do the BOOGALOO like I do
Nobody can do the PHILLY like I do
Uhn-uhn nobody, nobody, nobody...
N-no no no no ...

Love ya, Tweed!

Great new site! Lemme know if you're ever in Portland and Giz will pose for Playdog.

Anonymous said...

Just checked your Big Air Site and congrats - a damn good job. Just wanna mention you don't have a fee schedule section. As a consumer I have no idea how much $$ it would cost, not even a ballpark figure. So I probably can't afford you. Do you do group rates - I want pictures of my gal at the park, in the yard, the house, just about everywhere. So if I got a group together, say at agility lessons, would this make it cheaper? How much? How long? Would I get a CD with pics, or hard copy? How many pics can I expect?

As a marketing strategy, maybe you want customers to contact you and then treat them on an individual basis.

p.s. Does saucy, suggestive Tweed come to photo ops?

Alison said...

Hello! Your pictures in this particular post capture the same sillyness that happens in my house. Brilliant!

Look forward to seeing your site - you should really donate some prints to BC rescue for them to auction off on ebay or at a fundraiser to support them!


riosmom said...

Congratulations on the launch of Big Air! You have some photos today that would be great in the portfolio. And one of the super sweet pics of Sport would be a great addition. The picture of Woo on the home page is awesome.

Just wondering if it would be nice to have the portfolio organized by kind of pictures, e.g., agility, canine action/play, landscapes, portraits, etc. Mind you, I know nothing about how to present things and I enjoyed the collections you have now.

Hope Big Air makes you unemployed again because you are too busy doing shoots.

The Border Collies said...

You and Tweed are BOTH cuties ;)

Oh! *blush*

Just wanna mention you don't have a fee schedule section. As a consumer I have no idea how much $$ it would cost, not even a ballpark figure.

As a consumer, I would encourage you to do some market research before you book any photographer. Visit various sites, contact various photographers and find out what that ballpark figure you're looking for is. Sending an email is not an obligation to book my (or anyone else's) services. But as with any purchase, you should do your due diligence. Ultimately, you'll find I am quite reasonable, but you won't know that until you've contacted me, and other photographers as well.

Does saucy, suggestive Tweed come to photo ops?

This largely depends on whether it's a day where I love him, or want to throttle him ;-) Actually I only bring my dogs to shoots where they are invited - sometimes they are a help, and sometimes they are a real hindrance!

Just wondering if it would be nice to have the portfolio organized by kind of pictures, e.g., agility, canine action/play, landscapes, portraits, etc.

Over time, the site will change quite a bit I imagine. I am still playing with some of the features and I'm not totally happy with a pop-up gallery ... I know there are other options that with some practice I can get to work. Thanks for all the suggestions - the site is dynamic and will get better with time.

KP said...

What an amazing blog. My neighbor (who owns a border collie) recommended this site to me (as I too own a border collie) and I just can't get enough of it. I am now sending it to all my crazy dog friends. Keep blogging as I am addicted!

Sweet~Ceana said...

Is it almost time to vote for calendar pictures? (I am feeling anxious)

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

haha.. great shots.

Good luck with the new site, it looks really good.

Oh and Tweed is Awesome!! hehe

Jean said...

Congrats on the new website and the launch of Big Air Photography!

And I love Tweed's Funky Chicken Dance (but then, I love anything Tweed does! LOL).

Riva said...

ok, Piper the Lawn Dart made me laugh out loud. I so wish I could have Riva off leash so that I could try to get pics even remotely close to these...just the opportunity would be nice!

Please come to the Bay Area (just tell them you are from Alaska) and take pictures...especially of obnoxious huskies. (and you must bring the woofs and the woo!!!!

EchosFL said...

Yikes Piper looks like she could break her neck in that skid stop! Then again it's also a hip hop dance move that's popular on my daughter's dance team...maybe he could be mascot....Tweed totally looks like he could try out for "Hairspray" sporting his "do". I love your website and am so happy you are choosing to share with all of us as it brings much job to my day!

Carol said...

You know, I just realized that Big Air homepage is missing Tweed. A major oversight!

Anonymous said...

I love this blog - today's entry made me almost snort yoghurt several times (because I was eating lunch at the same time as reading...snorting yoghurt is not something I intentionally do when I find something funny!) I'm off to look at your photography website which I'm sure will be equally as great...

MalaysianFan said...

The nonchalant expression on Woo's face with half of Piper's cranium in his mouth is unsettling. It evokes... umm... wait, it's coming... Hannibal Lecter.

Anonymous said...

Bad, bad Food have created...gasp...


3dogslater said...

TWAAW is famous again! You were mentioned for great photos of dogs playing!

Like the new website...looking forward to seeing more fab photos :)

riosmom said...

I love the changes you have made to the Portfolio page of the Big Air web page! Way to go!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Gosh, you're right about the 1960's hairdo, and I should know:)

Just checked out the new Portfolio (after reading comment about it). It's spectacular. No other word for it.

Really love the black dog photos in this blog entry.

Big Air Photography will do well. Great to see it launched.

Melanie said...

Hey. Who stole Jett?????

Gretchen said...

Damn woman, thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I suddenly have so many Canadians looking at my site! Really though, thanks for the traffic. I've added you on mine as well but since it seems most of my traffic is coming from you, it may not make much difference. At least people will have an easy time getting back to see the Woofs!

Congratulations on the launch of Big Air Photography. I saw your watermark had changed a couple weeks ago and was wondering about it. It's looking good and I dig the name.