Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gorillas in the mist (?)

Leapin' logs! That's not a gorilla, it's Tweed!

On the weekend we drove out to MacDonald Beach and met up with Jen and Lu.

"No you didn't. You never saw me, I was hiding. I am a highly skilled operative. Go away."

But today, as promised, we went to Hole Digging Park to play some Fifa (tm)

Piper got carded for illegal moves. Please note those are her BACK legs you see there in front of her.

"Do you want me to beat her? With a big stick? Plz?"

"What? I didn't do nuthin'"

As for Mr. Woo ... Mr. Woo eats things he should not eat, which he finds in the park.

"Oh hai! I ate some stuff!"

And then he vomits.

"Ugh. Hai. I don't feel so awesome."

It looks something like this:
(best viewed large - he has some wicked tongue moves)

Tweed rejects this post.

In other news, I am employed again! Everyone say "phew." Now I don't have to sell Tweed!


riosmom said...

It was NOT nice of you to advise readers to view large Woo vomiting. But congratulations on being employed again. New job? Old job? I just hope it doesn't interfere with your photography and your posts.

Kathleen said...

phew! All together now: PHEW! Congratulations on being employed once again!

Woo - Celeste is right there with you. The last time we went to the park, she ate a big disgusting pile of YUCK, them vomited all the way home. Luckily, we were not in the car. There were no kisses that day, nor were there kisses for several days after that.

Tristan - I'm a Heavenly King said...

Congrats on the new job! :) I never knew selling Tweed was on the cards though I suspected dieting Mr Woo might have been one of your ingenious ways to cut some costs somewhere. :)

Love the captions as always. Gives life. :)

Allie Oop said...

Glad to hear you are gainfully employed again - congratulations! Also love your new digs. I look forward to seeing more pictures of your new adventures.

MaskedMan said...

No "selling Tweed" jokes! No. Nonononono. Not permitted. Not even a little. <.<

If you're hurting for cash, you could take the Pukin' Woo Show on the road; I'm sure there are any number of restauranuts that would pay - and pay handsomely! - to NOT have Mr. Woo get sick on their doorstep at peak hours. :-p

companionanimalsolutions said...

I'm with Tweed. Woo is very much gross. Congrats on the gainful employment! Christine and the "when are we gonna go to the beach" Aussies

Anonymous said...

I disagree - the picture of Woo vomiting reminded me of my own dog Sophie, who courteously tries to make it into the laundry room before she loses her lunch. Dogs put quite a bit of effort into their upchuck! Great montage!

The Border Collies said...

Sophie, who courteously tries to make it into the laundry room before she loses her lunch

Well what a sweetie! I awoke this am to the melodious sound of Tweed WHINING, not my usual alarm. He was clearly in distress. He managed to wait all through my getting dressed, down the elevator, out of the underground parking and then in the alley he deposited what looked like most of his intestinal tract in a watery, stink mess. Thank heavens he didn't do that indoors!! I love the dogs that are courteous.

Woo, OTOH, expels from either end wherever he feels like doing so. 24 hours after moving in, he vomited on my brand new living room rug. He's a real peach. NOT! But he does make amazing puke faces.

Booker the Treeing Walker said...

Wow you got re-employed very quickly! congrats! We hope that you still have lots of time to spend photographing your gorgeous crew. Can you believe that Booker never GACKS? very strange ... he is the only non-barfing dog I've ever known.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Congrats on employment! I hope it's at least somewhat stimulating work, and worthy of your talents.

Only a SERIOUS photographer takes pictures of their dog upchucking:)

Two favorite shots: Piper's mind games in the water, and Tweed's total focus in the Fifa game.

Buzz's Food Lady said...

ha ha ha. puke montage.
she sees the line, she crosses the line!

Carol said...

Ah, Gizmo has Woo beat on puking style. I just don't have any time lapse photos of him in the act. Giz has always had a tendency to puke up his empty stomach. Creates beeeyoootiful yellow stains. There is hardwood in his bedroom (our office) now because the carpet looked like there had been a mustard fight after two years of living with the Giz. But if you are in the room with him, he does ask to be let outside to entertain the neighbors with his stylish retching. My sweet boy!

Congrats on the job. May I ask what you will be doing?

tinsenpup said...

Congratulations on the gainful employment. You didn't say it was gainful, but I'll assume. Those Fifas don't pay for themselves.