Friday, October 10, 2008

People Look So Dumb in Bicycle Helmets

"What is she doing to me now? HAAAAALP!!!"

Everyone looks silly in a helmet.

But you should ALWAYS wear a helmet! And with winter coming, you should wear something warm on your bean under your helmet:

Piper is not into cycling. She prefers to be fashionable.

And she has shoulders to die for. Tweed ... not so much.

Mr. Woo is outdoorsy, and likes the MEC fashions.

So I lied. We didn't explore Hole Digging Park today ... it was a bee-yoo-tee-ful day, so we made the trek to Trout Lake for some swimming and stuff.

"'Ello! You Che-waa-waa, Mi' ja!"


So this week I learned that Mr. Woo's Fetch Mechanism is broken, but is repairable with cookies.

It goes something like this:

Throw ball. Woo ignores you, and it.

Throw ball, waggle cookie. Mr. Woo enthusiastically chases ball, and returns it to you.

Coy devil.


ETA: See anyone you recognize in this man's photostream on Flickr??


Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog and am so impressed. Your dogs are beautiful and your photography is outstanding. I am curious what type of camera equipment you use. Thanks for the great blog.KC

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

LOVE the b/w shot of the beanie-wearing dog!

Anonymous said...

I would say the wootie fetch mechanism has... evolved. Or perhaps... who has whom trained now? Or even... see what happens when you dress your dogs?

Lots of fun as always.

The Border Collies said...

I am new to your blog


I am curious what type of camera equipment you use.

I use one of any my Canon DSLRs and a variety of lenses, depending on what and where I am shooting. Thanks for the kind words!

see what happens when you dress your dogs?

I KNOW! Payback is a bitch, right? ;-)

myhandle said...

Tweed! I see Tweed! And Woo! And the Fifa!

Piper wasn't having any of that strange guy, huh?

myhandle said...

Ooh, and I spied Sport hanging out in the background.
And a very fluffy cocker spaniel. Does she get wet, or just lounge on the sand looking beautiful?

Kathleen said...

Well! I saw a Sport and a Tweed and a Woo on the Flickr photo stream...but I missed Piper...hmmm...but what was that long-haired fellow? Wow, what a coat of hair!

Piper looks so stylish in her leathers, but Tweed has THE look in his watch cap. Poor Woo and his ears under that bike helmet...such a sad, sad face...

I think they might call this "furmiliation"...

Buzz's Food Lady said...

It is weird to see pictures of your dogs that are taken by someone else. I can tell they aren't looking at their food lady! The love and hate isn't flowing out of their eyeballs like usual...

I agree about wearing the helmet! Always!

Booker the Treeing Walker said...

Dogs in clothes and helmets = grand patience. On the dogs' parts. That photostream had some great pics ... do you know the photographer or were you surprised?

The Border Collies said...

do you know the photographer or were you surprised?

I do not know the photographer, but would sometimes see him at the dog beach. He'd have his big fancy camera and I would have mine, and we would eyeball one another warily. Ah, the competitive nature of photography! ;-) But one day I did a search for dog beach photos in Flickr and lo and behold, photos of Woo showed up that were not mine. I commented on one of them, and he commented back with a link to the account he regularly uses and there were my beasties! It's quite funny.

Carol said...

Tweed, you handsome devil! You make that helmet look goooood.

Loving the new backdrop for inside photos! Looks like the pack is settling in and more comfortable.

companionanimalsolutions said...

Zee doggeez are tre jolie. No wonder Mr. Fancy Camera is taking their pics, meh. Conner and Flynn say that the food lady they're stuck with in Seattle sucks because she does not take them to the beach often enough. They've voted and decided I must drive them to Vancouver for decent beach and photo shoot time.

Thanks as always for making us smile. Christine, Conner & Flynn

Anonymous said...

HA! Tweed looks like a total Chicano gangster in the beanie...yes, that's Chicano - not Chicago...

MaskedMan said...

Tweed does good things for a watch cap.

But you do need to look out - In the middle of the night, Woo is going to dress you up in a collar and take photos of you, in revenge.

riosmom said...

I don't ride a bicycle but your photos make me want to rush out and buy a bicycle helmet for Gracie and take pictures of her. Tweed in his watch cap proves what a good dog he is - "I'll kill you later", he says.

Wonderful photos as always. How goes the job search?

Black Jack's Carol said...

I almost always wear my helmet. Sad to say, I've reached the age when I think I look better with than without it:)

Have never tried it on Black Jack though. Great future blog project. Wonder if I'll be able to find her face at all.

Like Michelle, my favorite pic in this entry was the Tweed (at least I hope I identified correctly) beanie shot.

Strange world, this blog one. I can picture you and the photographer eying each other, but not speaking. One almost feels he should have asked your permission to post, but I suppose it's a free world.

Fenway said...

I saw FIFA and then I saw Twee and Woo connected to it!

PS: People look even dumber in full bore bicycle outfits...especially when they're not in shape or riding competively. It's just my own pet peeve.

Misty said...

Ack! That last picture is the best! I love how their fur looks crimped when its wet.

Anonymous said...

I KNOW! Payback is a bitch, right? ;-)
yeah... and it's worth EVERY shot.

Tristan - I'm a Heavenly King said...

Love the photo of Mr Woo and Piper. They are gorgeous! :)