Monday, July 07, 2008

What a difference a day makes!

ETA: This entry is short because I'm packing up my shit to move to insanedogowner's house!

Also, never fear blog readers - there have been NO shortage of takers for this fella, should it be time for him to move on. He's got multiple homes waiting to take him in ;-)

Hello again, old Sport!

After 24 hours in the 3WaaW household, we have learned to do the following:

  • Make Food Lady lift you into the scary elevator
  • NOT pee in the apartment building hallway (exiting Food Lady's shoebox-cum-apartment is not the same as "going outside." Okay, okay, we get that now)
  • NOT nap in the building lobby (just because you came through a door after a walk does not mean that's where you or the Food Lady live)
  • Find "Lean Cuts" mystery dog meat unpalatable and refuse everything but raw meat and cottage cheese.
  • Come when called, because the Food Lady is faster than you, and will grab your tail

Actually, Sport is very obedient and has clearly been trained to listen. I think the momentary lapse of judgment in running (shuffling) away this morning was to test whether I loved him or not. Ever since I ran (walked slightly faster) after him and caught him, he has decided I really love him, and has stuck to me like glue. I can't get rid of him now, which is kind of unfortunate because a) it's hard to take pictures of a dog standing on your feet and b) he smells REALLY bad!

However, we went to the dog beach after work, and Sport showed me that he could jump in and out of the van, could crate himself in the van once he knew which kennel was 'his,' and could go up and down stairs quite easily. He seemed to enjoy his time at the dog beach, and wandered from person to person getting loves, but always coming back to check in on me.

People seeing his photos find it hard to believe he is 16 years old. Really, all they have to do is smell him - he stinks like he is both 16 years old AND died in the Nevada desert at least 8 days before he came to my house. BLECH! I can't wait until his new diet kicks in and the yeast ships out! I admit he always comes out looking younger in the photos than he does in person. (If I could replicate this when taking pictures of people, I would be a kajillionaire by now!)

Anyway, the beach visit exhausted him and he is passed out by the deck door. If you pinch your nose closed when you snuggle him, he is the CUTEST DOG EVER!!!
I am going to try to update you on his progress as often as I can, and I will try to keep the entries short. I will also work on getting him used to the camera so I can get some better shots of him.

But before we go ... Wootie's girlfriend was at the beach today!

She was super excited to see him!

She flirted, while Woo tried to play it cool

But pretty soon, it was - in the charming words of Cookie Uncle - "on like Donkey Kong"

She CLEARLY wanted a piece of ass! I love it when she grabs his tail and pulls!!

She's one hot chickie!

Also ETA: I forgot to tell you that Sport has worms. Eww. So tonight I dewormed him.

If I spill dewormer on my iphone/ipod earphones, does that make me immune to earworms like



hahahahaha. Suckers.


b13 said...

Sport is absolutely adorable! Keep him Keep him Keep him Keep him Keep him Keep him Keep him Keep him Keep him Keep him Keep him Keep him Keep him Keep him Keep him Keep him Keep him Keep him Keep him Keep him!

Anonymous said...

Hey may be old and smelly, but Sport is a handsome boy!

Anonymous said...

Sport is adorable, so happy he found you and your brood. Sounds like he's already figured you out 'crusty on the outside, soft and gooshy on the inside'. :)

Where has Cookie Uncle been lately? First mention of him in a while lately. Just checking that he is not shirking his cookie responsibilities. ;)

The Border Collies said...

Cookie Uncle went on an extended vacation and we haven't hung out much since his return; now he's about to move to some godforsaken small town very far away for work.

I completely object to the descriptive "crusty." This accurately describes Sport and his disgusting skin condition, but not my personality.

Biggie-Z said...

Sport is SO cute! And you're right, he doesn't look a day over 3in the pictures. Thank goodness the internet doesn't have Smell-o-vision yet.

Just found your blog fairly recently, and I love love love it.

By the way, Biggie lies down in the building lobby after our walks, too, and he KNOWS that's not our apartment. And he scurries away when we are trying to leash him too.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture where Sport is smiling. The hint of the good things that are to come....

Barbara & the Bedlams Pack

Anonymous said...

OK - one rule before you move in:

Absolutely no, and I mean no, nada, zip, nothing even remotely resembling:


You suck.

Tristan and Braun said...

bwahaaaa... insane dog owner is FUNNY! and Sport is a gorgeous boy(and gal)! Just like the rest of the Woofs and Woo gang. :)

Anonymous said...

I was about to write that Sport did not look thin in the beach picture until I saw his hip bone - in a merciful world it would never happen. So glad he found you and you found him - Red Dog is surely smiling and blessing you and Sport.

The Border Collies said...

was about to write that Sport did not look thin in the beach picture until I saw his hip bone

Oh yeah, he is SKINNY. We call him "Skeletor" around these parts. Or just "Ewww, you smell bad."

Red Dog is surely smiling and blessing you and Sport.

If I know Briggs, he is where old dogs go and he's watching and yelling "Hey f*cker, get out of my food dish or I'll bite your snout off." ;-)

Fenway said...

Maybe, just maybe, Sport smells divine to the TWaaW Clan.

He's clearly asking to stay. His crafty Shadow Technique (AKA sticking by your side) .and the foolproof Blending Technique (AKA becoming attached to a body part, like your feet) indicate he is feeling ONE WITH YOU.

Keep him!

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with Fenway. We add salmon oil to the old Labbies food for his icky yeasty skin. Works like a charm.

and if Sporty isn't so smelly... :D

The Border Collies said...

We add salmon oil to the old Labbies food for his icky yeasty skin.

Oh Salmon Oils are a regular part of the raw diet at 3WaaW! He is getting those for sure.

Pean- nevermind! Insanedogowner will kick me out!

Anonymous said...

What part of "no, nada, zip, nothing even remotely resembling" didn't you get??? Sure you don't have yeasty ears?

Now it's back again. Therefore, you suck. Again.

Melanie said...

He's a cute old geezer. You're moving?

Anonymous said...

Well Food Lady, not only have we totally messed with everyone's minds (I am getting posts to my blog about you moving here) but I have now successfully infected others with the infamous ear worm.


he he he he

But you are still not allowed to do it. Double standards rock.