Thursday, April 03, 2008

Me And Mr. Jonze...

At last ... Wootie and the Giant Un-Wootie, together in a single photo.

He's HUGE!

Today we replaced the Wootie Toy, since the Food Lady sucks at throwing the Flying (*looks both ways for Woo, lowers voice*) Squirrel. And yet, improving the toy did not improve the shots.

Some days we get Big Air.

Some days ... not so much

But we did get a nice surprise at the beach today. We ran into our ... cousin(?), Jonze.

Actually, I'm not sure exactly how Jonze is related to us, but he belongs to Jasmine, who is the sister of the man that my sister has the hots for / lives with / etc.

Anyway. We *Heart* Jonze. And Jonze *Hearts*us. And you too. You can tell, because he carries his heart on his sleeve. Or his bum, rather. See?
Jasmine is a very talented photographer. You should go look at her photos when you have a minute. You will love them.

And you know what else I love?

This puppy.

I love him for reasons galore; his fuzzywuzzyness, his snuzzleability, his cross-eyes, and his Eastie-Westie feetsies and his super duper puppy full body hugs.

I'm going to miss him. If you never see another post on this blog again, it's because I pulled a runner with Kuro in the night and I'm on the lam!!

But alas, it's not to be. I don't have time to pull a runner because Tweed is getting x-rayed at the vet clinic tomorrow. Seems that I broke the front half of him right after I fixed the back half, and his shoulder isn't working right. My Nicaraguan photo trip money just got funneled straight into my vets' pockets. I don't know *how* they do it. They are fiscal sleight-of-hand masters.

Tweed says: "Blows."

Mr. Jonze!


Catherine said...

Hugs to you and Tweed. You perhaps need double hugs... since his puppiness has flown the roost as well.

What's the word on Tweed?

The Border Collies said...

Tweed has yet another soft tissue injury, this time in the shoulder. His xrays came back clean as a whistle. So Puffy Puppy is on leash walks and drugs again for two more weeks. Poor dude, he must think he is being punished for something :(

He did lose 3 lbs though. 3 more to go.

Thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Border Collies said...

Hey anonymous: I deleted your insensitive and stupid comment.

Go back to craigslist and troll there, don't come to my home and be an asshole, mmkay?

Anonymous said...

Does the Fantabulous Mr. Woo follow the BBC? (I wouldn't put it past him.) This is a sobering story for an intrepid hunter of squirrels:

And speaking of border collies' nemeses -- the leash! Poor Tweed. Poor you!

Anonymous said...

You had a brain fart, a temporary out of body experience, and forgot how smart your Border Collies are. It's a conspiracy by your three pooches, they can read bank statements, saw the extra cash, and didn't want you to leave them to go to Nicaragua.

The Unwootie is BIG, but then again maybe Wootie is a slip of a thing.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Tweed's injury is not more... dramatic? though sucks that you have to have him on leash - since that must make taking photos more difficult.

Can you share how his puppiness did in meeting his new owner? All puppy wags and kisses I'm guessing...

Kristi said...

ack - soft tissue - BUMMER for Tweed. Maybe you could just say "squirrel" (at volume) once or twice for him?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, no updates from Food Lady, I think she's on the lam with Kuro.

The Border Collies said...

Nah, the Food Lady handed Kuro over as promised (sniffle) but has been too busy to take photos, much less update ye olde blog, this week. We'll be back in action soon.

Woo *is* a wee slip of a thing and the Un-Wootie is indeed huge! But he says he could take on the pack of angry squirrels, no problem!

Anonymous said...

How's Tweed?

Finnegan Dowling said...

I think Tweed inherited some of the Original Red Dog's Evilness. I'm sorry he's hurt but it's good to know the lethal meanness of the original red dog rolls on. Screw you going to Nica, mom! Youse staying here with us!

And I'm really sorry you can't make it. You fucking rock.