Sunday, April 20, 2008

Don't Touch My Wiener!

Mr. Woo will be absent from today's entry. Because Mr. Woo DOESN'T FOLLOW THE RULES and pretty much the second I took my hand off the wiener, Mr. Woo *grabbed* it and ate it - "NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM!!!" Bastard! Even with my hands down his throat, he still managed to consume 7/8ths of a wiener in 1/100th of a second.

The game doesn't last very long if Woo eats all the props!

And so ... No Woo For You!

Hey, who wants to see my wiener?

"I would!"

"Oh! Me! Me! Me too!"

Okay then. But no touching.

I said no touching!

"No touching what? I don't see anything. No wiener here. Nope. There is NO WIENER on my foot."
(it's called a coping mechanism)

Let's just see a close up

Piper. HEY, Piper!

"Leave me alone, I'm making sure the wiener doesn't go anywhere."

"Can I touch it yet? Please?"

Piper ... is there a wiener on your foot?

"Nope. Not at all. Nuthin' there."

Okay, that game wasn't all that hard. It's more difficult to play in pairs.

The Double No Touching The Wiener Game.
...and this is where the game ended. Because when I told the dogs they could eat the wieners, Piper had been pretending so hard that there was no wiener on her foot, that she actually FORGOT there was a wiener on her foot. And when I released them from their no-touching stay, she stood up, took a step and kicked the piece of wiener across the room.


And she went scrambling after it flashing Mad Teeth (tm) at everything in her path. I was laughing way too much to take photos.

But who had fun playing the wiener game?

"I did!"

"Me me me! I did!"

"I don't get why I was kicked out of the game. I ate the wiener. Isn't that the point?"

"you dogs are all on crack."

Why is it so much fun to say "wiener?"


riosmom said...

I am not sure if the dogs are on crack or the food lady. Or yours truly who laughed out loud at the expressions on the dogs' faces. When I do similar things to Gracie, she gets this "Oh, dear doG, she's going to do it again" expression. Followed by a "Just get it over with" expression. It is a wonder they don't kill us in our sleep.

Thanks for the laugh before I go to bed.

Buzz's Food Lady said...

that was freakin' hilarious. Did you beat Tweed with a handsome stick? He's looking more acceptable these days...

b13 said...

HYSTERICAL! You are getting added to my blogroll :)

Anda said...

Lesson in torturing pups with a winner :) Pipper and Tweed are so well mannered! Poor Woo, he didn't get to play as he ate the object of the game. Hillarious series of shots!

Anonymous said...

I just laughed out loud at work!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the hysterical post - I really needed the laugh today.

Arabella said...

I love the shots of Piper, she's lovely even when she's ignoring treats.


Anonymous said...

AHAHAHA. We play this game. Only with chicken, not weiners. XD :D

Jean said...

Oh, oh, oh, thank you for such a wonderful bellylaugh of words and images!!!

Nutty Mutts said...

Hahahahaha! Ahh I needed that after my exam.

Sarah said...

that is awesome!

Steph said...

Thank you Piper (& Food Lady for the commentary) for the best laugh I've had all day. Double Wiener Leave-its have to be at the top of the cruel & unusual punishment list!

Holly said...

Loved it!!!! Terrific photos and marvelous captions.

Katrin said...

Oh dear lord that what funny! Great laughs on a Sat morning. When I do that tricky leave it game to one of my flat coats, he shuts his eyes to resist temptation.