Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today's entry is a small homage to The Fail Blog.

But first, Tweed wants to thank you all for your concern, comments and emails. He wants you to know that he's just fine. And by fine, I mean he's like this:

i.e. - as "fine" as Tweed gets. Oh and his shoulder is better too. He played agility last night for the first time in many weeks and he was *so* excited that every time the barn door opened for a new classmate, he bent himself in half, hollered "WooWooWoo-ooo-owowowow-waaaa-wwww" and crab-wiggled over to welcome them. It was Tweed's party, and he could be a dork if he wanted to.

Anyway. Back to


"I got it, I got it!"

"OMG! Here it comes! It's coming!"

Uh oh.


Interlude: a word about today's photos

Recently I purchased a Canon 20D (thanks Derek!) as an upgrade to my much slower 300D. Getting a new camera is like getting a new boyfriend (except way lots better!) - each one has its own quirks and personality. For example, Woo's orange-ness gives this new camera the fits, and I have to fiddle with the settings or he comes out FLAMIN'-freakin'-orange on settings that would be more subtle on the 300D

And because we are new to one another, me and the 20D don't always see eye-to-eye. Sometimes I forget to change certain settings because they're in a different place than on the 300D and so my little rituals get messed up (<--OCD). Anyway, it was grey and almost-rainy out today; this is only me and 20D's 2nd or 3rd date, and my zoom lens doesn't operate at its best in low light. So not all the photos are great with respect to quality. However, sometimes the *content* of the photos is pretty damn funny, which is why I've included them anyway. For example: In this FAiL, Piper is out of focus and the framing and exposure are both off.
However, if you look closely, you can see how Piper's nose is all wrinkled up as she anticipates getting hit in the face with the FAiL frisbee, and you can see the slobber in the air above her face from the sheer effort of her FAiL. I thought that was pretty damn funny.

I promise, as me and 20D get to know one another, the quality of the photos will improve.

Mr. Woo decides not to risk any aerodynamics and goes straight to

"Arrgh! Get in mah belly!"
ha ha! Look at his face!

Not every FAiL was action based. I tried to get a handsome portrait of Tweed and instead I just got


tried again, and got MORE FAiL!
Although to be honest, I really like that last one. And it gave me an idea, so I took this photo which is not a FAiL (though it *is* of a "Labradoodle" and in my not-so-humble opinion, ridiculously overpriced crossbreed dogs with silly name tags and the people who purchase them are their own special kind of FAiL).

This Is A "LabraNose"

Which lead to a sweet shot of Piper:

And by the time we got back to Tweed, our luck had returned. This camera actually really likes Tweed a lot.

In other news, I tried to get a portrait photo of Donut, but all I got was


Stupid cat.

Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Ooooooo, finally Tweed looks as handsome as he deserves.

jane said...

I love shots of Woo when he is flamin' orange! It's part of his mystique!

Sarah said...

that is a great post, and i love the Fail blog, i'm looking at a camera upgrade too, hmmm so many choices, even your fail pics are great :) those are some of my own favs, the ones you don't expect!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing me to the Fail blog! Here's one in return:

alicia marie said...

congrats on the new Camera! I hope you two have a wonderfully long and fulfilling relationship together!

Anonymous said...

I love the fail blog! I love seeing new posts on your blog as well.

Anda said...

Just as with getting a new boyfriend, between a new camera and it's owner, it does take a while to know what tickles each other (only much better). I am beyond myself to know that the new 20D loves Tweed as much as I do :) Woo had his share of glamor with the 300D, now it's Tweed's time to shine!
Fantastic series of failed frisbee catches - those are the best!