Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better ...

...I can do anything better than you."

Ryan has some stylin' Fifa (tm) moves:

But Wootie's moves are better.
(Actually Ryan's are better, but Woo is currently fat, so we're being kind)

So, thanks for introducing yourselves! That was fun. There are so many of you! We know 3WAAW is no Daily Coyote, but looks like we do alright. It's hard to compete with a pet coyote. Even when you have a Woo.

I'm just kidding. Even I like the Daily Coyote better than my own blog!

Since you all introduced yourselves, I guess I should too. This is me:
I'm The Food Lady. I'm 35, I'm single (again), my camera will one day need to be surgically removed from my body, and I have a really effin' cool parka. This is all you need to know about me. Oh that, and I am planning a photo tour of Dogs of the West Coast in May of this year.

I am sorry for starting the Grammar Wars, even though it was actually Rossiebug's fault and not mine at all. But after "watching" (reading) you argue, I asked one of the smartest people I know, who will be referred to only as Naughty Teacher, for clarification. Naughty Teacher is a highschool English teacher (and, for the record, he is also a real smartass - but he knows his grammar) and he said:

"James' = elegant
James's = tacky

Choose your poison."

I've been called many things, but tacky is NOT one of them. So it's James' log, definitively, and we won't speak of it again. And we can all remain friends.

And while we are introducing ourselves, let me introduce Lars' (<-- !!!) new brother The Dog Currently Known As Bear:
He looks quite a bit like Dusty, doesn't he? Cookie Uncle is trying to out-foster-dog me.

TDCKAB is doing whatever Dusty does, but better, as Cookie Uncle shows a strong inclination toward TDCKAB that he does not show toward Dusty. Allegedly, TDCKAB is still Cookie Uncle's foster dog, but we all think he's going to go legit any minute now.

But he needs a new name. Bear won't do. What should we call TDCKAB?

And speaking of dogs who look like one another, and to help out "anonymous" who asked for another Lars-and-Tweed comparison, here's a photo of the two red devils:

Can you tell them apart?

One is mentally challenged, and the other one is ... a 3 day old corpse.
Who's who?

Here's a photo of Woo playing with a random puppy.

PSYCH! That's the Un-Wootie. That's a dog trying to do whatever Woo can do, but better. But he FAILED.


Not Wootie

Weird huh?

"Remember the last blog entry, where you called me an asshole? Yeah, well, I'm goin' all Matrix on your ass now."

This is not a very good photo in terms of quality, but Ryan wanted to outdo Dusty and kick some Abby ass (look at his arms!)

But anything Ryan can do, Dusty can do better:

Wootie may be fat, but NO ONE can hurl himself in the ocean like The Woo!

Was there a point to this?? (sorry!)


dp said...

What if James Log is ironically eponymous for someone by the name of James Log?

Anonymous said...

Tweed is on the left!
See, I'm not completely hopeless at ID-ing your dogs...

Did you see the dog that looks like Piper on the cover of National geographic?

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of Ryan and Woo, who actually almost looks like a BC in the picture where he is coming out of the water with the ball in his mouth.

Agree, Tweed is on the left - you gave it away by insulting him as usual by calling the one on the left "mentally challenged". Besides I recognized him.

The picture of you cracked me up. How do I get on your visit list in May?

I don't know why but TDCKAB looks like a Jason to me. Lucky boy if he gets adopted by Cookie Uncle.

cookie uncle said...

my poor lars...
a three day old corpse

Anonymous said...

I won Tweed. Yes I did, you said I did, but Food Lady you are already practising for "Stuff on Food Lady Interlude". So I'm sorry but I'm unable to collect Tweed because I prefer "Stuff on dog interlude".

I had to zoom in on your first Ryan FIFA pic to find all the doggie bits, such as head. Awesome pic.

Laura said...

Hey! I resent being identified as "anonymous"...
but I will refrain from complaining too much since my wish was granted and there are plenty of pics of both Ryan and His Wootiness. I was very glad to see that that really fat red dog was not in fact Mr. Woo, who is positively svelte in comparison...

LCHS Feisty Fido Crew member said...

Yay! I love me some 3WAAW! And I am sure Tweed is on the left also. And can I say those are really gggRRREEEAT PHOTOS!


Jody said...

Ryan is so very bendy.

Anonymous said...

That might be the first and only time I've been called elegant! Ok, not me but my grammar but I'll take it - comments like that don't come my way very often ;)

Woo is getting to be more chubb than fluff...bad food lady. No more lenses for you!

Love the pic of Ryan and Abby. More proof Ryan's related to Zephyr are related...I have that same photo of Zeph with the ninja arms.

Anonymous said...

3WAAW is more addictive than crystal meth. My second all-time comment post is only 22 hours after the first. (I'm the anonymous with the Sheltie X and my sister's BC - how about "Two lads and a lassie" for the time being?)

I don't know if it's causal on not but there is a correlation between the name "Bear" and ending up in the pound or rescue looking for the right family. In fact, I would hazard a guess that TDCKAB is male between 6 and 14 months old. Years ago when I got my dog fix walking the inmates of the Ottawa Humane Society, I would hazard that Bear was the most common name of dogs who were given up. In fact, the canine who finally stole my heart and accompanied me through some fabulous adventures before being snatched away by cancer five years ago (at only 7.5 years old) was a 10-month-old "Bear" when I adopted him. He became Angus.

I think TDCKAB would make a great Geordie or Jack (hmmm not that far off riosmom's Jason).

Anonymous said...

For wit and repartee 3 WAAW cannot be beaten.

Tatum Tot said...

Ooo nice action shots! And all the pictures look good! I bet you'd take some great pictures of me.. being that I'm beautiful. :) I found your blog through Dogs with Blogs!

Anonymous said...

I am a bit late with the introductions but this is the first time i have tried to leave any blog message. I am Holly's mum from the boards. I love reading your blog and seeing all your Woofs and of course Mr Woo. :)

Anonymous said...

I skipped the other intro thread.

I am Bula's Lady on the bordercollie boards.

I am 27.
Live in NH
Own my first BC Bula
Work/live on a horse farm.

Can you help my blog look better like yours? I mean, not yours..but..nevermind. I did write a blog entry on mine that I stalk your blog because it makes my days. And I am focusing on making mine as user friendly and picture-esq as yours. But no internet at home, lack of photos up.

Anonymous said...

I think cookie uncle's new, erm I mean foster dog, needs a nice outdoor sort of name. Something like Alabaster...j/k I won't even try and name him for fear of the scorn the seven deadly sins recieved. No matter his name, he seems like a great addition.