Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Donut Files


"I think I want it."

"Gimme it."

"Come on! Give it here."

"What the - hey, give it to me!"

"Almost .. got it ..."

"Hey ... Where'd it go? Does Piper have it?"

Oh Piper's got it. But she's not happy about it.

**Stuff On My Dogs Interlude**

Tweed is not amused, either.

No Woos were involved in the making of this interlude.

Actually, Woo was having a playdate with Lars at Cookie Uncle's house. Except he wasn't playing with Lars, he was playing with Dusty. Lars doesn't "play." But Dusty, Dusty plays! And plays, and plays and plays some more.

Dusty is my current foster puppy. I got him out of a shelter in Idaho and with the help of several people, transported him to me. My Briggs was from Idaho; more than a decade ago I was blessed with the greatest dog in the world who hailed from Coeur D'Alene, so in his honour, I rescued another dog from the same state.

He is one damn cute puppy.

He looks like a miniature German Shepherd, but he is actually an Aussie with some big ole ears. They add to his already considerable charm.

He is completely irresistible! But Woo would disagree. At first, he was overjoyed to find a playmate that wanted to wrestle, loudly and often. And then he realized that Dusty never stops ... poor Woo will hide under the bed to escape The Dust (whole different category of dust under the bed) and Dusty crawls under there after him, drags him out, and continues the game. Woo is plum exhausted by the end of the day!

The never ending game of wrestle.

Dusty is now available for adoption and can be viewed on our website. You know you want him!! He is such a sweet sweet puppy.

Piper doesn't care if Dusty is here or not, as long as he doesn't touch her toys.

And Tweed? Well.






Anonymous said...

A foster in Briggs' honor... wow - lucky puppy. And looks like he's a sweetie. How does Donut feel about Dusty?

Anonymous said...

Oh, doG, I want want want Dusty. What a beautiful puppy, a real head-turner. Are you tempted to keep him? He is up for adoption so I guess not. Or maybe you are tempted but resisting.

The Border Collies said...

riosmom said: "Are you tempted to keep him? He is up for adoption so I guess not. Or maybe you are tempted but resisting."

I'm not tempted to keep him, actually. I mean - I ADORE him, he is such an incredibly sweet, biddable, keen puppy and is going to make someone a FANTASTIC pal, but I am learning to appreciate the reduced number of canines in my household. I miss Briggs every day, but 3 dogs is better than 4 for me.

I got my heart dog from Idaho. I am hoping I can pay that forward by doing the same for someone else with The Duster :)

Anonymous said...

Dusty is adorable. Very cute, he should have no problems finding a forever home.

Barbara & the Bedlams Pack

Janet said...

Thanks for the pictures and update. Dusty is such a foxy little guy, I bet he'll get a nice home. And we always love to see pictures of the Angry Donut!

And Daisy wants to know, is that a blue octopus in Piper's mouth? The blue octopus are the best!

Anonymous said...

It's about time Angry Donut got some air time on the blog!! I luff her ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey its SO great to have you back! Love the new pics and new pup. Tweed just looks so lovingly....tolerant of everything :)))

Anonymous said...

Yay pictures! Cat and dog pictures! Thanks! I loved them!

Woo---> *kiss*

Michelle said...

I followed a link from Willow's Rest to your blog. First I was warmed by all the wonderful animal photos, then saddened to hear that you just lost your best dog. I lost my dog-of-a-lifetime in October, so am easily brought to tears by anything that reminds me. We have a new dog, a four-month-old Aussie; he probably needs your adoptable cutie to help keep him occupied! My six-year-old son can't quite keep up! I have pix of him, the dog, my Shetland sheep, spinning and knitting, and various and sundry other things on my blog....

Anonymous said...

Some really great dogs come from Coeur D' Alene, that's for sure.

Donut kicks ass. How is the other kitty (formerly known as Round Eye) doing in her knew home?

ACB said...

Yay Donut pictures! And your captions rock LOL Dusty is sure handsome - I hope he finds a good home :) Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

So glad to read that your blog will remain Three Woofs And A Woo and that Red Dog wil live on in your blog and your rescue work. And paying forward, as you said, by finding someone else a heart dog is truly a way to honor Red Dog. I know his real name is Briggs but he will always be Red Dog to me.

And, of course, your pictures and captions are as wonderful as ever.

Helena said...

Dusty is gorgeous!

Since I never heard back from you about using your photos after my last comment, I went ahead and used them in my article. It's published with several of your pictures right now (with credit and a link, of course, as well as the copyright you put on them), but if you don't want me using them I'm glad to take it all down. Just say the word. Thank you for sharing your fantastic photography with us!

Here's the article:

Anonymous said...

How does Dusty like stuff on his head? He looks like a sweetie.


Anonymous said...

Just have to say that I love the photo in your little slide show of Dusty and Mr. Woo sitting back to back - the kind of picture you can build a story around.