Thursday, July 30, 2009

The roof, the roof,

the roof is on fire.

Because my neighborhood was not hot enough, a school a few blocks away had to catch on BLAZING fire this morning in the middle of this heatwave and cook us a little bit more. Of course, it was a nice distraction from lying on top of all my bed covers, not sleeping, just sweating, listening to three very hot dogs pant in harmony.


Food Lady. Oh Food Lady. It's really stinkin' hot in this condo.


I suppose ... we could go swimming? What do you think?

I think ... WAHOO-FREAKIN'-HOO!!

Are we yelling about something? OK THEN! I WANT TO GO SWIMMING ALSO!

Oh wait ... swimming means going IN this river-lake-thing? Hrmm.


Less pondering, more swimming. Kthx.

Ah, Eff it. He's right!


Ohhhhh, yeahhhh
(cue porn themed music and slo-mo sexy hair shake)

One would think that by virtue of its sheer mass and velocity, The Flamboyance (tm) would be sufficient to keep entire nations cool while in motion. I mean, look at the thing!!

But even The Flamboyance (tm) is no match for this heat wave. It needs to periodically recharge, in a bed of flowers and on a diet of small logs.

Sing with me folks (to the tune of Little Rabbit Fru Fru):

Little collie Piper Bounding through the water,

Resting on a fallen log,

And repeating the process again!


I SAID I WANT MY DAMN BA- oh, oops. Thanks!

Ain't life grand?

It's a scorcher out there kids! Remember to keep your pets cool. And if you figure out how to do that, could you let us know? We're all roasting in here!


rosali(ta) said...

Do you know where I can buy an ice block? I want to buy an ice block and stick it in front of a fan and watch it melt.

And where is that lovely river in those photos so I can go this afternoon?

The Border Collies said...

Bridgeman park!! The water is wonderful!

Lauren said...

We are melting here too!! I wish we had a river like that handy!

Katharine Swan said...

Heat sounds nice. It was 64 degrees in our house this morning. I had to turn the furnace on -- in late July in Colorado! WTF?

Anonymous said...

Come to Montana! It will be 55 F tonight and in the low 80's during the day today.

Carol said...

I empathize, FL. Yesterday was 105 degrees here. Tuesday was 105 degrees. Monday was 103 degrees. And the air isn't even dry like it usually is if it's hot. Gizmo was licking his feet last night after going for his "business" walk up the street. Probably hurt from the sheer heat of the pavement. Luckily Roo and Giz spend the day in the AC. Our electric bill will be at least $300 this month. Aaack!

Rebecca said...

That looks like such an awesome place to go swimming. I'm so jealous!

And man, hot dogs panting in time with each other can be so loud/distracting sometimes. With the weather we've been having in Florida (okay, so the weather we have every year :P) I've been listening to it a lot.

Barb said...

You do have to be really careful walking your dogs in hot weather - their pads can actually get burned and blistered on the pavement. Safer to either wait until the sun goes down, or stay on the grass as much as possible.

We are having a cold front this week, it was only 95 today! The rain and clouds are appreciated even if they do make it muggy. Life here would not be possible without central air conditioning.

Anonymous said...

I'll trade you the heat anyday. I woke up freaking freezing in MN this morning, had to put on a jacket and I was shivering under the blankets and it's damn near August. An ice block + the flamboyance = cool breeze. Are the kittehs still around or did Tweird eat em?

Anonymous said...

We're having a cold spell too- only 88 here in Elay.
Food Lady- where's the hamster? Did Nutz eat him/her?

Anonymous said...

I will trade your heat for our rain. We have not had a summer here yet in New England - especially NH. Look, its raining again, my horses and dogs are growing mold!

I would freeze your undies then put them on, to help stay cool!

Anonymous said...

Come to Scotland! It's raining here today.

Angus said...

How brave of you to look after your neighbours dogs ! Does bandaging the paws really work? One of ours has rubbed his paw pads raw and I'm applying lotion as if it's going out of fashion to no effect.