Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Church of Woo

Hallelujah! The Trio of Trouble have found religion.

AKA - they have all learned to dock dive. And I didn't even have to try and drown them, like Sofa's Dad does! (har har har)

Mr. Woo, of course, is a natural when it comes to getting air.

But the other two are natural born pussies!! Yet for no apparent reason, earlier this week my buddy Tweird nonchalantly hurled himself off the dock in pursuit of his ball - no teetering on the edge making noises like "HAROOOO MMMMM AH AH AH OOOHHHH AH ARRROOOO" before tumbling into the water like a dead body in a sack.

He just launched, like the space shuttle!

So of course, I had to see if this was a one shot deal or if he could replicate his success so today we went back to Trout Lake. And praise doG, Tweed is now an enthusiastic dock diving doggie!

Praise Wootie!

My goodness Tweed! I had no idea you were so accomplished!

You always doubt me.

Yeah okay. He's got me there.

Piper took a little more convincing.

I dunno about this. It looks awful scary.

But under the careful guidance of His Holy Teacher Woo (who may or may not have been admiring her shapely rear end)...

...Piper took to the skies!

Whoa! Dude! What a RUSH!!

I cannot explain the born again dock divers, but they were having F.U.N.!!

Initially Mr. Woo was delighted, but soon realized that dock diving no longer belongs to him and him alone. He spread the gospel, and now he is just one of a sea of dogs who can fling themselves into the water with abandon.

Of course Mr. "Look at me! Look at me!" Woo had to up his game.

So he started jumping off the dock LIKE A PERSON - like vertically:

Are you watching?

Look at me! I'm a human base jumper!

Food Lady, why he gotta be like that?

I no longer worship His Holiness Woo. I now worship at The Altar Of Piper. You should too.

Poor Wootie has lost the adoration of his flock. Where once his mad skillz were admired... he wonders where he went wrong.

Where did I go wrong?

Throw it again plz?

I know, I know - "What about the kittehs, Food Lady?"

I will tell you about the kittehs - first, they all moved into my couch. I reupholstered to prevent them from living inside my living room furniture, and now they have all moved into my laundry basket. They come out several times a day to attack my feet and climb my legs with their mini ice picks for claws and knock stuff off my shelves before vanishing into the closet again while I apply bandaids and polysporin to my wounds!

Also, some nice friends took pity in the poor (literally) Food Lady and got her a short term gig doing some work in pre-production on a movie being shot in Vancouver, so I've not been home much ... I've been out scouting locations where the deer and the antelope will, in a carefully choreographed manner, play. I promise to take new kitty photos soon, for your viewing enjoyment, and also so you will stop complaining ;-)


riosmom said...

Pictures of your threesome doing almost anything more than make up for missed kitten pictures.

Congrats on the temporary job - may it lead to bigger and better things. As long as it doesn't keep you from blogging and photographing all your creatures.

Anonymous said...

Wootie, you're awesome.

nickelsmum said...

I must admit that Piper's little back feeties in Piper Took to the Skies reduced me to mush.

I had a kitten reside inside my couch for about a week once. Or at least, I assume that's where she had to have been.

By the way, I now have a Borderjack. Pretty amazingly benign, too. Fear not.

MalaysianFan said...

Oh, where to start? It is all so wondrous! Woofs and Woo sailing through the ether... I have to say, though, that Prophet Woo, as the post wears on, begins to look a bit deranged. In "Where did I go wrong?" he has that glazed-eye, Jim Jones kind of look, just before the Kool-Aid party. And yet, having just written that, I would still worship at the Church of Woo!

Congrats on your new job -- surely it will help pay for some raw food, Piper dental bills, Polysporin, etc. :-)

Arwen said...

Aww! It's always fun when things suddenly just twig and and they come out with something new. Wonderful photos :-)

Anonymous said...

Poor Woo, they stole his limelight. Ah well, he has the adorable orange dog look down.

Attack kittens are fun! Especially if they are attacking someone else's feet.

Don't let ickyrealwork distract from your vital role of docuementing kitty cuteness. Priorities must me considered :)

Amazing Woo said...

You've been tagged for a Kreativ Blogger Award by The Amazing Woo:

Andrea said...

Outstanding photos!!!!!!!! And I am so jealous....try as I might I cannot get Miss Sophie to jump off the dock (even though she LOVES to swim). Wonderful post!!!

grimmsmama said...

this is somewhat off topic but...borderjack and benign do not belong in the same sentence!!

Zyra said...

Wonderful photos! And the captions are hilarious. "Food Lady, why he gotta be like that" - that one made me spit coffee on my computer monitor - it cracked me up!

Lynnek42 said...

Wonderful photos. And, um, what movie????? :)

Angela said...

Hi Food Lady,

Thank you and doG for your awesome photos and your sense of humour. I have been having an absolute crap week with one of my dogs out with an impacted ear canal and a really really bad wound.

But your photo of Mr base-jumping Woo makes me feel SO much better, now that I've had a good laugh! Hugs to Mr Woo.