Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pickle Pr0n

So ya'll will stop whining about "Where are the Pickle pictures, the ones where he has his shirt off?" and stuff, and because I like to make you all happy, please enjoy some Pickle Pr0n.

(but if Mrs. Pickles starts taking names and kicking ass, don't blame me! I'm still jobless and rapidly becoming broke, so if she tosses me a few dollars, I will give all ya'll perverts up!)

Mr. Pickles decided The Sofa needed to learn to swim, so he donned some ocean going pants and did the deed.

All things considered, I do believe Sofa enjoyed being HURLED TO HIS DEATH FROM THE DOCK more than this experience. Oh the things a dog will do for a tennis ball.

Le sigh. Life was so much simpler then...

Fortunately, there was a lifeguard on duty.

I know this photo is out of focus, but for a moment when I was downloading I thought Red Dog had come back to pay me a visit. I took these photos about a week ago and had largely forgotten what was on the card or why I took them. It was too eerie not to share this, blurry or no!

Hey look at me! Look at me! I'm in the air!

Poor Wootie is feeling undervalued. We are at an agility trial all weekend and he is not getting the attention he feels he needs and/or deserves, since Tweed and Piper are running the show.

Harumph. My Food Lady went to an agility trial and all I got was this lousy dead stuffie.

Today's star is Miss P, who got her first Advanced Jumpers Q!!

Yay, me! Wait, what?

This is no small achievement for Her Highness. Just a few short months ago, Piper did not understand the game of agility despite a year or so of lessons, and could not even navigate a series of more than 2 jumps. Today, she did 3 runs and the ONLY thing she garbled was her nemesis, the Evil Weave Poles. If it were not for weaves, she would have run clean every time. HUGE improvement.

Oddly, the weaves haunted Mister Masters today as well. Tweed ran a gorgeous Standard, but he bobbled the weaves - and he did it so smoothly that I, running right beside him, didn't even notice! It was not until I reviewed the tape that I noticed his little shimmy-skip. Unfortunately, the judge noticed it in real time. We also played a new game called Challenge, which is exactly what it sounds like - challenging! And I am apparently challenged when it come to remembering the name of the Frame, because I called it "TunnelNONOImeanPlankNOIDON'TWhyCan'tIRememberWhatThisIsCalled?!!" while doing a little dance of frustration that messed us all up :) But he ran like stink. I am so very proud of my dogs!

We do so well now because MY INSTRUCTOR IS A SADIST!! I know I say that a lot. It's mostly cuz he reads this, and it drives him batshit when I call him that.

Payback's a bitch ;-)

He has a two lovely Aussies. There is the very handsome and masculine Cisco:

Who would like me to give him the cookie, and get my facebox all out of his bizness.

Get lost. But leave the cookie.

And Biscuit, who is darling. I love Biscuit, because when she gets mad at Gerhard, she bites him in the pants! Actually, I was a little worried she was going to bite me in the pants too. She doesn't appreciate picture time.
I brought my camera today, but mostly just to get the odd shot, because I was too busy running to take photos. However, I did get this one of Calen the Beagle, and I am very very glad I did.
ha ha ha!!!

She is going to kick some serious ass in the handstand competition.

We're at the trial all day tomorrow too. Come by and visit us! You can play with Noodles and the Wootie Toy, as he is ever so lonely...

And on your way, please come get these other cats. I hate them.


RachelB said...

Good luck tomorrow, and congratulations to Tweed and Piper on their showing so far!

nickelsmum said...

Ah, Ms. P -- I knew you could do it!

Great picture of Calen! There is nothing, but nothing, more entertaining than pictures of Beagles in Drive.

Good luck tomorrow!

Eric Goebelbecker said...

That is a great shot of Calen the Beagle. Looks like he's having a blast.

Congrats to Tweed and Piper.

Deb said...

Love your Blog; love Wootie. I can always count on one of your comments or pictures to give me a good chuckle. The Beagle handstand is a good example of that chuckle!

Paws on the Run said...

Yay for Miss Piper! Way to go.

pam said...

Congratulations Tweed and Piper! We are very impressed with all your running and jumping and skinnying through tunnels.

We are more of the 'run only when there's a treat involved at the end' type pups. The less exertion the better.

Bobo and Meja

Black Jack's Carol said...

I mean, Mr. PIckles is handsome and all, but he's a bit young for me, so I'll confine my admiration to his good parenting skills for making sure The Sofa learns to swim.

Oh my, that shot of Calen is priceless! (Sorry, Woo, the food lady will remember you're a star as soon as she gets this agility trial out of her system.)

Well done, yesterday and have fun today, Piper and Tweed.

As for sadist instructors, they're the best:)

MalaysianFan said...

So many great photos! The sadistic instructor's two Aussies-Impersonating-Bernese-Mtn-Dogs, the bipedal beagle, the totally Angry Donut, and the ghost of Red Dog...

And yes, many congrats on your agility victories! I don't suppose Mr. Woo has considered that his weekends would be less lonely and boring if he, too, took up the sport?

Diamond Girl said...

Calen is also going to make a good showing in the Dumbo-Look-a-Like competition!

Arwen said...

Love that photo of the beagle, he looks like he's employed the air brakes for landing :-)

riosmom said...

I hope your Sunday was as successful as your Saturday - it is a great feeling when a dog turns on in agility as Piper appears to have done.

The picture of the Beagle is priceless - the ears are as great as the hind feet.

The ghost of Red Dog is touching - he was such a distinctive dog.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Pickles? Shit.