Friday, August 15, 2008

We're So Pretty

We're So Pretty

Oh So Pretty

We're Vacant.

Sport says "Low blow, food Lady."
Bad enough I soil his dignity by dressing him up in hats, but calling him names is just over the line.

I should have more respect for my elder(ly dog). Alas, I do not.

Ha ha ha!

"Stupid hat! I hate this hat!"

"Uhhh ... what's on your head?"

"If you put that on my head again, I will kill you."

"Ohwait ... did you say 'cookie?' Oh ... well ... have I mentioned I adore you?"

Today's bribery was brought to you by Twizzler (tm)

Donut tested ... Donut approved.
Yes, my cat eats licorice.

"Moar pleeze."

Mr. Sport tries being adorable to escape further hat trauma, but still looks concerned.

Whereas the Twizzler Twins are total keeners, and are just looking for more handouts.

No more Nibs makes Wootie sad :(

Tweed bravely faces the reality of a Nibless world.

Sport just pretends none of this has happened.


b13 said...

I was listening to SP:NMTB at work today :) Excellent shots (as always) and great captions :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! Your poor dogs! If they could read the captions they would forgive you. Tweed looks especially dashing in his hat. Woo wonders if this could really be happening. Great pictures - the only thing missing is the blue chair!

Kathleen said...

I love the way Sport crosses his legs in such a dignified way. My dog, Celeste, tries, but she hasn't got the flare that Sport has.

Thank the food gods for cookies! They always make life more bearable, especially when the dim spector of hat modeling rears it's ugly head...How do you get them to leave the hat on long enough to get a photo???

Unknown said...

Wonderful photos! We like the kitty ones thrown in for good measure ...

GeeRome said...

Love the pictures! So very amusing. And some very beautiful dogs as well ... never hurts, right? haha

Anonymous said...

Dogs in hats! My fave. Poor Sport, to be introduced to hats at such an advanced age.

I was missing Donut. She is so, well, DONUT! Thanks for the Donut fix.

Anonymous said...

Tweed and Piper in hats. Looks like a married couple from the 1940s. Just love Sport, he looks so dignified, and then you happen along with hats.

The Border Collies said...

My dog, Celeste, tries, but she hasn't got the flare that Sport has.

Oooh. Celeste is a pretty name! That's one of my favourite colours of one of my favourite bicycles.

Piper is a leg crosser also, but Sport is the king!

How do you get them to leave the hat on long enough to get a photo???

My dogs, poor things, are well versed in the art of being dressed in silly clothing for the Food Lady to take their photo. If you go back through the 3WAAW archives you will be treated to many similar sights, and worse ones!!

Today we won another round of My Super Old Dog is Older Than Your Super Old Dog. This time our opponent was a 13 year old border collie named Rufus. We are kicking some serious ass in this game!!

Jean said...

My piggies love licorice too!

Great shots and captions. I am so going to steal Sport away from you. Sport, buddy, I won't make you wear any silly hats, I promise.

Fenway said...

The Sport was destined for The Food Lady Clan with his impeccable dress-up manners.

I'm glad he found you and glad he finally got to wear a hat. He's got true Flamboyance with that veil. And, a nice set of Casual Paws (crossed legs).

Tristan and Braun said...

omDOG!!!THIS.IS.HILARIOUS!!! The food lady is constantly feeding us ideas to torture our dogs. :)

Anonymous said...

Where the heck did you get the sissy hats, Food Lady? Please don't subject MR. WOO to such indignities just so you can get your jollies! Woo should be photographed in a fedora while smoking a pipe! Or a white undershirt with the sleeves rolled up a la Brando.:-)

Raising Addie said...

Fabulous pix!! Where did you find the hats and how did you get them to stay on their heads?

Anonymous said...

With a slightly different style of hat for Tweed, does anyone else think the photo of him with Piper bears a frightening resemblance to "American Gothic"? (Minus the pitchfork, of course.) It's those earnest, grim, we-shall-overcome expressions. Oh, my.

Anonymous said...

All dressed up and no place to go except the kitchen for more treats.

The one photo looked exactly like a man and woman on their way to church.

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

hahaha - i kinda feel sorry for them having to wear those daft hats ... but they are so entertaining and they wear them so well! Lol

Anonymous said...

Wootie has an evil twin!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Wootie IS pretty!

(The rest are of course very charming and well-dressed, but Mr. Woo.... definitely pretty.)