Friday, August 22, 2008

Another New Addition

Meet Alfie

Alfie is about 13 years old and like many of my favourite things, came to my attention on Cragislist. Alfie was 'surrendered' to a fellow border collie rescuer in Washington on my behalf by the former owner and Heather kindly brought Alfie part way to meet me.

Going over the border was, again, a nightmare. Another hour in immigration only to get a sympathetic border guard who told me that it was "very stupid" to detain me for this. This time, I *MADE* him search my vehicle for photographic equipment (none), in exchange for him putting what amounts to "this is really stupid" on my file, with the intent that in the future I will not be flagged when attempting to visit the USA. Yeesh!

[Borg Bitch = 1. Snoozefest '08 = 0. ]

The not-so-new addition, Sporticus, continues to defy death. Every day we go to the dog beach or the dog park and Sport runs and runs and runs and runs - the same dog who could only get as far as the beach and then lie down!! The other day we even tried swimming. Sport would like you to know that he's sorry he let Canada down, and won't be winning any swimming medals any time soon, but he certainly gave it a shot.

Aside from a new limp in the front, and hoarding the most persistent tapeworm I have ever encountered, he is doing very well.

He's always in the middle of whatever's going on:

Get of the shot Sport!!


Mr. Woo and Piper's tribute to the 98 Olympic Games:

Synchronized Fifaing.


Last weekend the Brady Bunch had a family reunion. I unfortunately could not attend, given that it was in my Nemesis City (ie Washington) and I had too much going on that weekend. But I did get photos! These little monsters are all growed up!! Holy crow, hard to believe they are almost a year old.

Marsha is now Sophie

Mike is now Seamus

Jan is now Jazzy

Cindy is now Loki

And Bobby is now McGee

Apparently Mona (Willow) and Cousin Oliver (Mitch) could not make it to the reunion. Cindy's adopters don't keep in touch, so we don't know how she is doing.

Thanks to everyone who went to the reunion for sending the photos of my babies!! Hopefully I can make it next year.

If you are feeling nostalgic, you can visit photos of the Brady Bunch growing up on my Flickr site.


Ever wondered if you have a Doppelganger out there somewhere?

Wootie does not. Because he KNOWS he does.

This is Nadja, who looks a helluva lot like Mr. Woo! It's eerie!!

Originally uploaded by utski7

Check out her photo to see more eerily-similar-to-Mr.Woo photos!!


Lastly, a new blog you might be interested in is

Vet On The Edge.

Check it out!!


Anonymous said...

Oooooh! Is Alfie steel or aluminum? I would have guessed her to be a little closer to Sport's age, i.e. old enough to be classic. Better watch out or you'll be like me -- I have 4 bikes! Although my storage space is not at a premium like yours is... When people come over, tell them Alfie is SCULPTURE.

Yay, Sport! I'm no Phelps myself, and that doesn't stop me either.

MariBy said...

Yay Sport!

Anonymous said...

awwww...the Brady pups!!! I see Marsha is still up to her old tricks of not playing nice for the camera...little turd!

glad Sport is still going strong...amazing pup that one.

nice that the Bianchi mentioned on Facebook? I'm worried about you wedging more dogs and bikes into that little apartment! time for a bigger home my friend...

oh and way to be an assache to the border guard! see if they harass another Canuck!

The Border Collies said...

Oooooh! Is Alfie steel or aluminum?

STEEL IS REAL BABY! Both of my Bianchis are steel. That's right, I said both. I am looking at 4 bikes in my living room right now :) You got nuthin' on me!!

The Alfana was built in 1995. My Bianchi cyclocross is a little newer, and has Campy components. She's real sweet too.


Lindsay said...

Wow, Sport! He's proven to be quite amazing, hasn't he? Thanks for keeping us updated on how he's doing.

And thanks also for showing up Wootie's doppelganger! How intriguing! My dog, Dannan, is a mixed breed (doG only knows what breeds are in him!), but we've seen another dog that is totally *his* doppelganger, too!

Dannan and The Girl

Kathleen said...

I want an Alfie. I don't have room for a bike in my apartment, but I still want one. City busses aren't as much fun.

You go, Sport! Glad you're going stronger than ever!

dp said...

McGee looks a lot like Watson, who I figure to be Aussie x lab. Did the hearing end up OK on the white pups?

Black Jack's Carol said...

Hi food lady. I don't know if you ever received my last comment to you. Sometimes, I feel like a complete idiot with this computer stuff. Anyhow, just to let you know two things: 1. I continue to read and be inspired by your blog. Every post not only warms my heart, but gives me laughter too. How much better than that does life get? Lovely, by the way, to see the Brady Bunch. Pat yourself on the back, food lady!
2. I've just created my own blog. It's awful, but my only excuse is that I'm learning. I'm hoping you won't hate me for citing you as my inspiration (at the bottom of the entry). Here's my address:

gracehoper said...

RE: Brady Bunch whities and hearing - Both Marsha and Mike aka Sophie and Seamus, have fine hearing and, as far as we know, god vision. They are really gorgeous, sweet tempered dogs.

kelly & seamus

Tatyana said...

How is Jolene dealing with the new addition? Any rivalry?

and wow those pups grew into handsome dogs! I love the vibrant merle markings.

The Border Collies said...

How is Jolene dealing with the new addition? Any rivalry?

Ha! Alfie and Joelene are getting on well. I also b(r)ought (home) a "foster", this Bianchi Cyclocross:

I was thinking about recycling Joelene and making the CX my commuter, but my ex has taken a shine to the CX so once I clean it up he may take her home with him!

Unknown said...

Yay, Sport! Maybe he's figured out that life's worth living a while longer, now that he has 1) A Food Lady, 2) Other cool dogs to hang out with, and 3) Millions of screaming fans on teh Internets.

Oh, and speaking of look-alikes, I saw this dog: and wondered if they stole a picture of Mr. Woo?