Monday, August 04, 2008

And Now, Your Sport(s) Update

In today's report ... Sport plays soccer!

But first, a word from our sponsors.


Sorry to be MIA for a while. It's a long weekend here in Canada, and I've been out enjoying the sun that was finally returned to us. On Saturday we had an agility trial, and it was cold, windy and raining right until we packed up to leave. Then the sun came out and has not left since.

But back to Sport ... Sport's not *actually* playing soccer. He is doing pretty well, but he's not THAT good!

Being a good little worker bee, I did as instructed and bathed Sport in an oatmeal & aloe bath regularly. The problem was, he stunk worse after a bath than before it, and he also would scratch and scratch and scratch himself raw. He scratched all the skin off his neck, right up to his cheeks, and chewed all the hair off the inside of his flanks. His skin was all moist and yecchy where he scratched and licked, and smelled even worse.

Poor Sporty.

So I marched Mr. Sporticus back to the vet in frustration. Terry looked him over and said "Food Lady, no old dog deserves to die without having tried steroids." So we did a skin scraping for mange (negative) and a blood test for diabetes (also negative) and started Sport on a course of prednisone. Ironically, I threw out Briggs' pred about a week before Sport arrived, reasoning that it was doing me no good sitting in the cupboard. Yeesh.

Within 48 hours, Sport had stopped scratching completely (miracle drug). He still smells yucky, but I think this time a bath will actually cure that problem.

His appetite has also joined the family, although at the moment he still only wants to eat ground beef. We are working on introducing some other meats slowly.

Now Sport looks like a skinny dog, rather than one I'm trying to kill through starvation. My finger tips no longer touch when I circle his waist with my hands. This is good!

In other news; this just in ...Tweed is weird.

Playing an innocent game of Fetch today turned out to be a challenge, as our games were intercepted by the Notorious B.E.L.L.A. Bella is a Golden we do not know, but one who was obsessed with Piper's ball.

Bella was VERY insistent that I give the ball to her, and was not shy about speaking her mind:

The "Bella Barks" Series

Normally, dogs who steal our balls really annoy The Food Lady, but Bella was pretty cute. Also, Bella came with her own pick-up game of soccer - a nice young man and young lady.

Woo enthusiastically handed the nice young man his ass in the soccer game.

While Woo was off romping with the boys, Sporty was wooing the ladies.

Breaking news: Piper has a really long tongue

It was otherwise just another afternoon at the beach. I got bored, so I created a new being that has the front end of Piper and the back end of Mr. Woo. I like to call it

A WOOPI (tm)!

I also checked in on the baby gulls on the roof next door. They are much bigger now and running around. Their feet are gianormous.

Then I wrapped up the weekend with a bicycle ride up the evil Causeway in Stanley Park, and then around the park on the road. I really do live in such a lovely place:

And we close this report with another message from our sponsor:



riosmom said...

Wonderful news about Sport and great pictures as always. Checked in before going to bed hoping for some new news and got it! You do, indeed, live in a lovely place. And Tweed isn't weird - he is just Tweed.

Sarah said...

Aw, poor Sport. I'm so glad the prednisone has given him some relief! Bella used to scratch her neck raw too, and the steriods only worked temporarily. After fiddling with her diet and finding a good medicated shampoo, it's finally under control. For her, they key is keeping her skin clean and very, very dry.

The Growing Oshika Gang said...

Love the pic of the Woopi. Made me laugh out loud.

Cait said...

Sending lots of good thoughts for Sport - he sounds like just my type of BC. :P (Slow enough for met to keep up with!)

timtim said...

So glad to hear Sport is doing a little better! Great shots as always!

Holly said...

I am so glad to hear Sporty is eating. I was worried about him. I had a dog who smelled when he came, he had licked his feet too much. It took a number of baths and a number of blow dry's but we finally got him clean enough he stopped itching so badly. Hope the steroids break the cycle of itch/chew bite/itch/chew bite

Anonymous said...

Yay Sporticus!

And Piper's tongue isn't that long. Really. You should see some of the monsters my dogs have...

dogzoomies said...

Thanks for the update on ol' Sport. I do believe he's got legions of fans online! Thanks Food Lady for doing all that you do to give an ol' boy another shot at livin'!

Love Bella's Bark series and Woopi, he hahahahah!

Amber said...

Do any of your BC's sleep with their tongues out? Is this characteristic, or is my dog just a freak?

Fenway said...

Looks like Sport has that soccer ball cornered. He is indeed playing and giving it his fearsome collie eye. Trust me, ball will never move under Sport's gaze. Yay Sporty!

Love the Woopi Dog!

Glad to hear prednisone worked. Good call to relieve his misery.

We had a BC whose tongue seemed to double in length when he was overheated. He went from being our beloved Logo to his Indian name, Long Tongue.

Sydney Dog Blg said...

Wonderful! Had been thinking about you and the gang and hoping that the absence was because you were having too much fun. Just great to hear that Sport has improved some.

Samantha said...

That is really good news about Sport.

Great pic's especially the Woopi! love that one! lol

Anonymous said...

You just had to do it. First we had a hybrid dog (wanabe things in teacups), then a designer pup, and now after much DNA manipulation, we have one, and just one, Woopi. I'm a Tweed fan, so in your spare time, could you please grow a Twoopi?

Laura said...

Yay for Sport! Long may he rally!

Kathleen said...

So maybe it's the skin problem that's been causing Sport to be off his feed. Now that he's not feeling the itch so much, maybe he can pay more attention to his appetite!

Bella is SO expressive! What great pics of her!

The Woopi, heh, looks like a new breed!

Cavewoman said...

Yay for Sport!

Love the Woopi

Sweet~Ceana said...

Now that Sport is feeling better is he still picking on your gang? It is great to hear the old guy is putting on even the slightest bit of weight. Is the prednisone helping his mobility at all?

cindy in Bellingham said...

Have you tried bathing Sport with honey mixed in, and rub the honey mixture into his skin? It's good for dog's skin and has medicinal qualities.

gvmama said...

Great photos, great expressions, enjoyed your blog. I am getting over scolding my BCs for showing their teeth at idiot other dogs who want to wreck their picnic.