Monday, August 25, 2008

He Weebled and He Wobbled And

Then he fell down :(

Poor Sporty. Yesterday he experienced diminishing returns: we returned from the beach, and his ability to climb the stairs had diminished. I had to carry him up the flight of stairs from the parking lot as he fell on his face when he tried to do it himself.

Recognize this stance?

This is the stance of a dog who has a painful elbow. I saw this every day for years with ole Red Dog too. Poor Sport! He has fallen victim to The Elbow Curse of 3W!

However, it does not stop him from running around like a fiend at the beach.

Or, you know, being handsome and stuff.

At the beach today we had a rare sighting of the Tousle-Headed Long Beaked Brown Dog:

You must be careful with these critters ... if you startle them, they go mad. Mad I tell you!:

We also saw the Bat Eared Lip Licker

And its close relative, the Big-Tailed Zen Dog in a blissed out state.

Until we startled it

And it fled in a crazed panic (wtf is he doing??)

Mr. Woo got some Big Air!

And Tweed got little tiny air. Does anyone else have a dog that catches stuff with his paws instead of his mouth?

Piper was all offended because she was omitted from today's entry.

It wasn't my fault. Mr. Woo kept getting between her and the camera.

Donut thinks the blog is getting boring and it's time to end this entry!


Chandler said...

"And Tweed got little tiny air. Does anyone else have a dog that catches stuff with his paws instead of his mouth?" Our older border collie, Brogan, does this all the time much to our amusement.

insanedogowner said...

Kat catches with her paws. Cinder just closes her eyes, opens her mouth and lets the toy hit her in the head. Not the brightest bulb.

Tristan - I'm a Heavenly King said...

"Does anyone else have a dog that catches stuff with his paws instead of his mouth?"
- Mine DOES!

"I had to carry him up the flight of stairs from the parking lot as he fell on his face when he tried to do it himself."
- Poor Sport...

Tweed's lips are still as erieely human and Woo's ears are still as speechless.... - Amazing dogs you have there! Food Lady! :)

Emily said...

My red BC Josie prefers to catch things with her feet.

Like the sheltie in agility class tonight -- she tried desperately to catch her with her paws!! :o)

Em & the girlies

Cait said...

Poor Sport! I hope he feels better soon.

Lizzie, my spitz, bats things out of the air, but I think she learned it from Malcolm (smooth collie) who pounces on things rather than attempt to catch them. His sister Kaylee, though, is apparently trying to grow up to become Woo, as she has been working on a flamboyance and teaching herself to do all these weird air things with her chukkit squirrel....

MalaysianFan said...

That is the most abjectly terrifying photograph of a cat I've ever seen. Demonic Donut!

barjor said...

My Emma catches Frisbees with her paws. Although not all the time.

As always great pictures!

jane said...

Me like 'um Big-Tailed Zen Dog. Me want to pat Big Tail. Orange color powerful and mysterious.


Fenway said...

Piper's got the Casual Paws going on again.

Jean said...

Charley likes to catch things with her tummy! She has twice pounced on mice by doing a flying belly flop onto them and then lying as flat as can be until I scoop out the mouse from underneath.
She doesn't do balls or frisbees though - with mouth, paws or tummy.

Poor Sporticus. Now I definitely think he needs to come live at my place - no steps!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tweed thinks it is too easy to catch stuff with his mouth, so to make it more challenging he's trying the paw thing. Must admit he looks very dapper today.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Poor Sport. He just wants to have fun. My heart is with the two of you.

Amazing pics - every one. Can hardly figure out which are my favorites, but that Donut one is definitely a winner.

Just read a horrible story at the Coyote girl's twitter site about devastating injury to several dogs and one death because of a ball called "Pimple Ball" by Four Paws Inc. If any dog people are reading this, be warned. I'd suggest NOT reading the story. It's heartbreaking, but don't buy or use that ball. The company has refused to recall them.

riosmom said...

Loved the picture of the Tousle-Headed Long Beaked Brown Dog - it just shows the versatility of poor much maligned Tweed. Of course, I loved all the other pictures, too.

To respond to Black Jack's Carol post, Four Paws HAS pulled the toy from stores. Folks should read the post about the toy - as horrible as the details are - because it reminds us we need to supervise our friends and their toys.

Natalie said...

Yes! My Zoe catches things with her paws. It's very funny, yet strange too.

Samantha said...

Yep, Holly is another paw catcher sometimes as well.

Tweed & Woo remind me of my two. When Zac is older he is going to be an excellent leaper i think like Woo. Holly is more like Tweed and will stretch up to catch. Not so much leaping going on with her. :-)

Ktbug Ladydid said...

ooooooo! My mum's shelties all try and catch the flippy-flopper with their paws! (frisbee)