Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer Has Officially Arrived

Know how I can tell?

Woo on Piper action:

The Wootie Toy has lost it's allure entirely. Beach trips now start with this:

And end like this:

(Summer Mad Teeth (tm))

Welcome home, summer! We missed you!

Yesterday at the dog beach we met Rob and Jack. Actually, we met Jack first, because I threw the Wootie Toy and out of nowhere came this little black streak of lightning who leapt in the air, grabbed the Wootie Toy and vanished. We thought we were victims of a Kelpie (not the dog, but rather the Celtic shapeshifter) but then Rob came along and cleared things up for us. Turns out Jack is not a Kelpie at all, just a finely strung mixed breed dog with a penchant for frisbees.

Jack is a Smooth Fox Terrier X Lab who apparently bounced in an out of every shelter in British Columbia before going home with this fellow Rob. Rob also had a border collie, so I gathered there was some seriousness behind the phrase "Jack's nuts."

Nuts or not, Jack can jump! Holy crow!

And then there is Woo. Many times I have posted photos for you on this blog of Woo gracefully leaping for his frisbee or soccer ball and you have "oohed" and "ahhhed" over his mastery of the airborne toy.

But what no one has seen until now is the dark and dirty side of those shots. Everything in this world has a seedy underbelly and/or a secret.

This is Wootie's secret, exposed.

AKA This is what happens when Woo misses the frisbee. He falls down. At top speed.
(View large!)

I'm sorry Woo. Your cover is blown.

At the beach we also saw Howie. Howie was adopted from our rescue about a trillion years ago, so it was cool to see him again. Even if mostly all I saw was this:

Piper says he gets an "A" for Effort, but that his form is lacking and he fails to live up to her Extreme Hydroplaning standards.

I have no appropriate segue to this, but I feel it has been a long time since I provided Jane with a good shot of The Flamboyance (tm) and she must be going into withdrawal by now.

As you can see, The Flamboyance (tm) has really matured over the 18 months or so that Woo has become part of TWAAW. It is now, essentially, its own entity.

I'm still working on getting good Shaking Dog photos, and was pleased with Tweed's performance for the camera. I had no idea a dog could move so many body parts in different directions all at once.


(Buried somewhere in this blog from last year are photos of Coach standing up in the water like a groundhog, but I can't remember where they are.)

Okay Piper wants me to get off the computer and take them all back to the beach and she is being all begging and pitiful looking about it. Kind of like this:


Brianna said...

I just caught up last night. I read every single entry. You are extremely gifted and lucky. Thank you for sharing your dogs with us. They put a smile on my face and I appreciate my own dogs more. I've said this before, about a week ago, you've inspired me to start taking my own pictures and maybe i'll even start my own dog-blog. For now it's just saving up the money for a nice camera.
Thank you. <3 Bri

LadyPatsFan said...

Simply fabulous photos! My favorites are the bottom of FAiL (love the face!) and of course, the Flamboyance looks great! Thanks for the great pics, a real mood lifter on a rainy saturday.

dogzoomies said...

Whoa! We got Mad Teeth, FAil, Extreme Hydroplaning, The Flamboyance AND Shaking Dog all in one post? Huzzahs for the arrival of summer! Thanks for sharing!

jane said...

What a truly magnificent shot of The Flamboyance in all its majestic glory! I could feel the power emanating from it! And, yes, I had experienced withdrawal because of the lack of Woo-Tail pictures!

Please, no more shots of Mr. Woo falling down; I just don't believe it's possible since he's such an athlete. I think you doctored the photos to put Woo in a bad light for some evil personal reason! I've seen his pictures with FIFA and know that he is light on his feet and has the hot moves! Shame on you! Respect the Woo! :-)

Fenway said...

I think you got your Shaking Dog photo....great fur action on that one!

riosmom said...

Woo's expression in the third photo of the FAIL sequence is hysterical. He is saying "WTF?" - if dogs say such things.

Great photos as always.

Anonymous said...

Woo would never FAiL - shame on you for spending hours on the computer to make that up.

MalaysianFan said...

A friend of mine once saw a crow slip and fall on the ice. She swears, the first thing the bird did when it got back onto its feet was to look around to see if anyone had witnessed its disgrace. Isn't that what Woo is doing? Or is he trying to convince everyone that it was fully intentional? Fantastic triptych, Food Lady!

The Border Collies said...

Ha Ha Ha! I have lots more photos of Woo FAiLing like that and I can prove it if you want! They are never very good quality because I am often laughing while I take them ... along with passerby! But I can dig them out of the archives, you know!

Yesterday I watched a crow seducing another crow with the gift of a used Big Mac wrapper. It was fascinating material for courting! Crows are smarter than we give them credit for, I think.

I'm glad you are all enjoying the photos! I will try not to bore you with more of the same old same old beach photos this year, they are just so much fun to take!

Anonymous said...

I like Jack! What a cool looking dog, he looks like he's a lot of fun!

Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and stories....

Barbara & The Bedlams Pack

Sarah K. said...

Great pictures and funny commentary = a good blog! I love it!

Anonymous said...

There is a National Geographic out there somewhere that talks about the intelligence levels (and types) of different animals. This one crow was AMAZING - not only used tools but made them (without watching other crows to learn how - she *figured it out*.) Since I don't particularly like crows, it always worries me a little bit. "What are thinking, or even worse, PLANNING, now?"