Sunday, May 11, 2008

What a moron ... I mean, Marushin

The following photo was two years in the making.

Countless episodes of forcing Tweed to wear human clothing and be humiliated on the blog; months of taking this out of the closet and giving Tweed a cookie for not panicking (he used to be scared of it); untold hours of being rewarded for sitting next to it ...

... and at long last, Tweed climbed Mount Marushin:

That's right. Tweed has conquered his fear and allowed me to pose him proudly (?) in my motorcycle helmet.

Look at the brave doggie!
How stupid is this??

ETA: Lest you think I am exaggerating the magical feat of getting Tweed to pose in my helmet, let me offer this texted gem I received on my trusty iPhone on May 12th. It's from my ex boyfriend, who owns the motorcycle, and once lived with Tweed, and can attest to Tweed's life-long helmet phobia. He doesn't care for Tweed, but likes to read the blog. The text read:

"F*ck me, i can't believe you got that helmet on his head!"

See? SEE??
Piper, OTOH, speculated that I was out to kill her by asking her to pose in a simple scarf. Donut, with her Incredulous Sniffer of Disbelief, did not help matters.

"Holy crap, what's she doing to you?"

So Tweed thanks you all for the birthday wishes. He thinks they would have been a lot better if they had all come with wieners, but he'll take what he can get.

Proof that Tweed is happy:

In other news, The Infamous Woo is going to be on television ... again. He happened to get interviewed by these nice people from Taiwan, who were filming a travel show and happened upon the dog beach.

I did most of the talking, but apparently Woo is more interesting. And even more interesting than Woo, apparently, was the Chuck-It (tm). Apparently they do not have Chuck-Its (tm) in Taiwan.

Financial Tip Of The Day: Become a billionaire and import Chuck-Its to Taiwan.

The host of the show, Brian, must have chucked Tweed's ball about 4 trillion times, so much that Tweed got downright tired of going to retrieve it. That hardly ever happens.

Here is standing on the shore kind of going "le sigh."

I do not know the name of the show, as I forgot to ask, and don't speak Tawianese anyway, so I will never see it. But it never fails ... somehow, Woo manages to get on tv wherever he goes.

It must be because he does stuff like this:

What a card.

(my ungrateful little brats didn't get me anything! I hope other dog-mums out there got something sweet!)


Majchy said...

Woooow, how beautiful photos and wonderful dogs!!! I am really glad that I found your great blog! :)

I will love to read it!!! :) :)

Greetings from Slovenia,
Maja & Siberian husky Živa & border collie Nia

Buzz's Food Lady said...

I cannot believe you got that helmet on his head. You are a miracle worker. : )

Anonymous said...

Tweed - you can ride my bike anytime, anywhere.

Katie said...

Lovely photos as usual! The helmet is just too funny!

My furries (3 cats & 1 dog) got me some great gifts.

jane said...

Mr. Woo gets on TV because he is a doggy hunk with the hot moves to go along with his great looks and personality! You should have presented them a bill for his appearance fee!

Woo should not be forced to pose with humiliating items on his princely head. RESPECT THE WOO! =-)

Sydney Dog Blg said...

Poor Tweedmeister! He suffers through the humiliation with such dignity, what a good boy he is. :)