Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dueling Flamboyances (tm) and Other Tails

Today we went to the dog beach.

We started out practicing How To Be A Wootie Toy. It's like yoga for Woos.

Then we wandered down to the beach, where Woo commenced the meditation portion of the outing.


And he did a little bit of swimming ... you know, to tone his rock hard abs:

But then his radar (ears) picked up something and started working over time ("Cap'n, look at the size of 'em!").

Whatever he picked up on his Earadar made him pretty excited:

It was his girlfriend! We haven't seen her for a while, that sexy minx.

The flirting began immediately. First there were lots of coy glances:

Then there were The Dueling Flamboyances (tm):

Then the two crazy-in-love kids began to --WTF?


Yeesh. Okay.

Then there was the wrestling, and the chasing. Regrettably, I had the wrong lens on the camera, so I didn't get too many shots, but this one about summed up their lovemaking:

Wootie learned Mad Teeth (tm) from Piper, who taught him everything he knows about flirting.

Speaking of Piper, I think she was jealous. She tried to play it cool, you know, "hanging around" the Wootie Toy all casual, in case he came back for it.


As for Tweed, he was either burying his hockey ball, or he was absent-mindedly digging in the sand while staring at me like a sociopath and thinking thoughts like "If you don't stop taking pictures of stupid Woo and his stupid girlfriend, and throw my damn ball, I will kill you. KILL YOU WHILE YOU SLEEP."

He was pretty happy to pose for me once I put the hockey ball away though.

And a close up (secretly, I am a bit fond of this dog)

And this a completely random, and completely happy, Viszla puppy:

Donut says this entry was boring. But she's a cat, and everything is boring to cats.


Today I got an email from Dusty's new humans. I miss PANTS so I was delighted to get the update. They said:

"Ruby was a little hesitant about him for the first few weeks inside the house but outside she loved having the play companion. Now they are good friends and mellow on the deck side by side during the day. He is a great companion on the trails when running and biking. He cracks us up with his clumsy ways. We think he may be part kangaroo also because he bounces so high when he is excited and has excellent stretch techniques. Thanks for introducing us to Dusty. We think he is awesome."

And along with this they sent The Photo That Made Woo's Eyes Pop Out Of His Head With Envy:


Paws on the Run said...

I disagree with Donut. I think that was a laugh-out-loud blog post! I love the I'm going to Kill you look. :)

Unknown said...

This moment will be recorded in history as the first time RDM openly (semi)admits she loves Tweed :) I knew it all along, the wall of lies about hating him was so transparent - LOL.

Great shot of him digging the orange hokey ball and plotting the unthinkable.

Love Piper's stalker's impersonation - very believable - pretty soon she might come out and admit she actually cares about Mr. Woo :) That would be the day!

The Border Collies said...

I disagree with Donut too! But then again, I often disagree with Donut ... I don't think cats should sleep on my face (she does); I want to type by myself (she frequently would like to assist) and I don't feel that 4:30AM is an appropriate time to get up and give her breakfast (she feels otherwise!).

Tweed is still mighty irritating though! The barking in agility is VERYANNOYING. Just because I love him, this does not make him a good dog!

Amber said...

I need a new toy for my pups, they keep eating theirs. Where can I find a Wootie toy? They look so fun!

The Border Collies said...

"Where can I find a Wootie toy?"

Hmmm ... I buy mine at Bosleys, but I don't remember the brand. I will take a look the next time I go in and see what it's called, so you can buy one too!

Anonymous said...

What better way to start my weekend than with multiple shots of His Wootiness. The Flamboyance, as always, is magnificent.

grimmsmama said...

ahhhh love for the tweird-meister.
i often think that of kelsey. just because i might be stupid enough to love your big ugly head and wonky ears does not, emphatically not, make you a good dog.
and don't even go there about the barking. ridiculous.
best not mention that to hugh however.

Bex and the Bookends said...

You admitted you liked Tweed! I knew it!! ;-) He's such a sweetie!

I dropped in for a Tweed fix. I miss seeing him since I don't frequent the board anymore.