Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hello Squirrel

"Time to come out of that tree now."

The squirrels in Stanley Park are very uncooperative. So we went elsewhere in search of potentially edible furries. This morning we traveled out to Secret Doggie Heaven with our friends Robyn, Jenn and Luna.

We're not going to tell you where the secret place is. We're snobby like that. Sorta like Luna is snobby, and kept at least 50 feet between herself and the rest of the dogs all morning.

Snotface Luna again:

Just kidding, Luna is a darling, not a snotface at all. She was hunting for goodies in the grass. The kind that go "crunch." *shudder*

Luna's a sweet old soul, the way Briggs was a sweet, old soul.

And then there's Jenn.

Jenn is Piper's newest nemesis. For starters, she is smaller than Piper, but has equally gianormous ears. She is also possibly cuter than Piper. And she is just as, if not more, evil than Piper. And she's younger. Wuh-oh.

(Piper would like to debate the "cuter than" assertion by requesting I post the Jenn Is A SlobberFace photo. We older women have to stick together, so I will oblige her)

If these two chicks join forces, the world as we know it will come to an end.

But for the moment, Jenn is so hot she has to beat 'em off with sticks

So anyway, the Secret Doggie Heaven place is lovely. It's very picturesque.
(The Food Lady likes places like this, as it makes it easier for her to be a good-slash-stylish photographer)

And it's full of cool stuff. Like big birds of prey.

And mystery poodles.

Okay, actually Beth is just a poodle. She's only a little mysterious.

Although tennis balls are allowed in Secret Doggie Heaven, we didn't bring any, so the dogs were forced to amuse themselves with things they could find on the ground.

Woo thought that was crazy. Rather, Woo is crazy.
(this may happen from time to time ... what can I say, I'm smitten)

So the dogs were chasing each other around and stuff...

... when I got this shot, which I'm totally tickled pink about:

Poor Tweed. He has no idea what he does to deserve that kind of abuse.

Mr. Woo knows exactly what he did to deserve this kind of abuse ... it's payback for all the abuse he's visited upon Piper. I should have called Dusty "Karma."


After a couple of hours of running ...

... and running ...

... and running ...

The dogs now look like this:

i.e. - they are TIRED.

We think we'll have to revisit SDH again soon.

Donut's all "Whatever, assholes. Left me home alone all day. Hmph. Kiss my ass."

She amused herself though.

More photos from our outing today can be seen on my Flickr site.


Rossie said...

oooo, Jenn is a dollface! However, no one will ever take Piper's place in my heart.


Love the mysterious poodle shot. As the pumans say on flickr. "Nice capture." FYI: puman = human who makes me want to puke. Take it, shake it, make it yours.

Yep, I've had too much coffee again.

Anonymous said...

I know you do not normally print and frame your photos -- but you MUST print and frame the "piper on tweed" shot -- It's GREAT!

ACB said...

Wow, that path shot is amazing. And no way is Jenn prettier than Piper...she does have some rockin eyes tho. Tweed has a new place in my heart now; somehow he's gotten more manly looking and less dork-ish lol I'd sleep with one eye open tho, Donut looks miffed.

One question: how do you keep your pack looking so pretty and fluffy and debris-free after all these excursions?? Drive thru dog bathing? Groomer that makes housecalls? Tell me your secret!!!

Anonymous said...

That Donut-on-the-floor shot is darn good. All my cat photos turn out boring. I'm very impressed when you come up with interesting ones.

Of course, my floor is too dirty to set my camera on....

The Border Collies said...

On clean floors and clean dogs ... Border collies are self cleaning units. They have Teflon coats, so dirt tends to just fall off them. Of course, some are more Teflon-y than others; Briggs, bless his heart, had a thick wooly coat and sometimes in the rainy season he would still be wet from the morning run when we ventured out in the afternoon, and never completely dried for days at a time, poor dude.

Anyway, the dogs are mostly clean and dry by the time we get home from out outings. I would not, however, suggest walking on my hardwood floor in your clean socks. I generally suggest people do not remove their shoes in my home :)

on photographing kitt-ehs...what can I say? You have to take a LOT of photos of a cat to get a couple that aren't really just boring as hell. And laying down on the floor is frequently required, yes!

on mystery poodles... I was kind of annoyed that many of my favourite shots from the day were of Beth, the poodle. How frustrating.

manymuddypaws said...

amazing pics! looks like everyone had a great time...I agree that Jenn is awfully cute...

Anonymous said...

Love the last picture! Love the doggie pictures too but the last one would make the Impressionists jealous. Luna does indeed look like a sweet old soul.

Paws on the Run said...

LOVE all the photos. I'm glad I found a dog blog from Vancouver - it is where I am from and I miss the green, but not the rain!

Anonymous said...

Heh, I am really jealous of the secret doggy heaven. And the self-cleaning dog-coats.

Anonymous said...

I love the border collies! Lovely shots, plus I really heart Dusty! And special poodle cameos are always a plus.