Sunday, March 16, 2008

Still Life With Eviscerated Stuffie

I don't even know what this used to be.

So they can't all be dogs-in-hats blog entries. This post is a random sampling of several days worth of pictures.

Yesterday we went back to Secret Doggie Heaven for a walk.

... made a new friend called Chase (Piper thought he was very attractive. Then again, so did Tweed)

... ate some dead stuff.

...and Jenn performed for us a little tree-blessing dance peculiar to the native dogs of her municipality

Jeezus! Dusty! Leave poor Wootie alone!

The we came home. Tweed plotted ways he could bite Donut without me noticing. He pretends like he's not going to do it, but he totally does it. Donut knows it too.

The day before yesterday we went to the beach.

We made some friends there too. Like this little Hussy.
No, for real. That's her name ... Hussy.

And then there was Stella, and her mini-m ... err, same-size me.

And then there was the white pittie whom I didn't get a photo of because she wouldn't sit for me. And her owner said "I trained her in French, so no one else could give her commands."

Yeah. Cuz he's the ONLY person in the world who speaks French. Although I did say "assis" and "coucher" and "even "parlez-vous francais?" to her and she didn't respond to any of that either, so I guess he did a really good job making sure she didn't respond to any language

Jeezus! Dusty! Leave poor Wootie alone!

Woo says even though there are no dogs-in-hats in this entry, it can still be silly:

Recently I was missing my Briggs dog, and I started this thread on a border collie community board I've been involved with for many years. It was very cathartic to not be alone in missing a great friend. Please hug your canine companion today, for me, and remember to appreciate him or her.

I also started a Flickr group for Immortal Dogs; those special dogs we have loved and lost. Feel free to join and add photos of your immortal dog.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is a real mix today and yet all of a piece - the dogs we love today and the dogs we will always love. It came on a day when I am missing Rio a lot so it hit home. I am glad that starting the thread on Red Dog was cathartic for you - sharing photos of Rio with agility friends did that for me. Gracie got lots of hugs today, for you and for Rio.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Briggs. Love that photo. He is so earnest and happy.

So, has the Woo lost weight since his personal trainer (Dusty) moved in?


Anonymous said...

Forgot to ask - is Tweed's leg better? Did he get to play at the beach?

The Border Collies said...

On Fat Wooties: Nope, still fat. If anything, possibly he is fatter. Reduced exercise for Tweed means reduced exercise for all dogs, so Woo is expanding like a little fuzzy balloon. There will be some serious dieting in his future.

On Broken Tweeds: He seems to be feeling much better on that leg; I restricted his exercise but did not cease it altogether as my vet would have liked, because after just 47 hours living with an unexercised Tweed I was ready to kill someone. Probably him. He is ALSO fat, so I see a diet in his future as well. And I see him moving to 16" Specials in agility as well.

On Missing Briggs: It comes and goes. Talking to my dog-owning friends has been helpful, but sometimes it still comes back very painfully. Grief is a funny thing - not funny ha ha though. I think losing a dog any time must be difficult, but losing my Red Dog - who defined so much of the path I walked in life for 10 years; the activities I got involved in, the rescue work I did, the people I met who loved him - has been much, much harder than I ever knew it would or could be.

On Dusty: Fingers crossed here, it looks like Dusty is going to live in Squamish soon. Ohboy ohboy ohboy!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful touching thread that was. Good news on Dusty. Fingers, eyes, legs and paws crossed.

Anonymous said...

Your dogs are so gorgeous! And that last picture of Woo is just priceless!

Unknown said...

You are so talented and insightful and express things that the rest of us only wish we could put into words.

I hope you are doing well and that you are happy! I miss the brightness you bring to our little world.