Saturday, March 08, 2008

"This sucks donkeys"

Tweed has a soft tissue injury of the knee.

It's GOOD because he does not have an ACL tear.

It's BAD because he has been downgraded to on-leash exercise only for 10 days. He thinks this sucks, and is not shy about making his feelings known to all. Poor Tweed.

He should shut up though. It's not like he was abandoned in a Costco Parking lot or anything. Poor, poor Lars.

And he is taking it out on Dusty. He thinks Dusty should leave now and borrowed Piper's Mad Teeth (tm) to get the message across. Poor Dusty.

Although Dusty doesn't just sit there and take it either. He's growing up.

Dusty says NO!

Besides, Dusty has other friends. Like this 'puggle'

(You may not know this, but 'puggles' are notoriously difficult to photograph. We were at the beach with a 'puggle' named Dupris (this is Cookie Uncle's fault. I never show up at the dog beach with a 'puggle.' I don't know why he thinks it's okay for him to do that.). Then there was another 'puggle' that appeared randomly and I tried to get a photograph of them together. C'est Impossible.)

The 'Puggle' Out-takes

So anyway Tweed's lack of activity is making him a little paranoid:

I feel for Tweed. I'm not saying Dusty is wearing out his welcome or anything, but you know, he doesn't need to be everywhere, all the time. You know?

I mean, really. Is this necessary?

Ha ha. My dogs are so emo.



Anonymous said...

OMG, Tweed on a leash for 10 days. Doesn't seem right! Poor guy.


Anonymous said...

If Malaysia were more dog-friendly, I'd oh-so-happily adopt Dusty. But meanwhile, is Cookie Uncle available for export to Kuala Lumpur? :-) I continue to enjoy your blog enormously. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Tweed. To alleviate boredom and paranoia get a bell from Food Lady and ding when you need something, like a scratch, a toy, food, treat, bone, etc. Then these next 10 days will go fast ... milk it handsome one.

riosmom said...

Poor Tweed. But at least the Food Lady isn't bad mouthing you for once. Take lots of naps and get well fast.