Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Wet Coast Dog

Not a typo

Vancouver is beautiful. Rainy, muddy and beautiful.


It'll clear up again though. It always does, eventually.

Also, send some good vibes-or-whatever Tweed's way. He appears to be broken, and I had to pull him out of class tonight as he was tripod-ing the jumps. Regionals is just two months or so away ... eep!

Look, it's his "Send me good vibes" face!


Anonymous said...

Awww... good vibes to da Tweed.

I have dogs that look suspiciously like Woo in coat and cleanliness at the moment. It's mud time here, too!


Anonymous said...

Tweed .... I know you are just messing with your mum's brain coz of the yuck pooh things she sez about you. Go ahead mess with 'em until Nationals Day, then shock the sh*t outa them. Go Tweed go.

Teflon coated Border Collies hey. That does not explain The Woo going from mucky to marvelous in a shake or two. You have more secrets.

Anonymous said...

Okay Tweed, you rest up that paw and feel better. The Food Lady may say unkind things about you, but she does love you and wants you to be able to compete in 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

A wet, dirty dog is a happy dog!

Tweed is faking! He wants to stay home and watch TV.

Barbara & the Bedlams Pack

ACB said...

See! I am not the only one who thinks you have secrets up your sleeves! Teflon hey....!

Your secret stalkers wubs you Tweed. Gets better. :)

Poppabear said...

Sending get-better-leg vibes to Tweird!

Anonymous said...

Awww, Tweedy, com'on, don't give your mom a scare now! I think she's slowly coming to accept it's ok to admit publically how much she actually loves you, despite her trash talk about you :) We love ya, Tweed!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Tweed, FOUR ON THE FLOOR! Get better soon.

A way big Tweed fan,

Anonymous said...

barjor said...
A wet, dirty dog is a happy dog!

Well, Woo must be one happy dog. You would be forgiven if you just pretended you didn't know him.

Sending good vibes to Tweed quite independent of the agility trials. Get well, Tweed.

Anonymous said...

I hope Tweed is unbroken now!

It's mud season here also. Yuck. I've given up on floors till it either freezes up again outside or the ground is dry.


beardies3 said...

I am so enjoying your blog and photos. We also live on the Wet Coast and have three of the Other BC's (bearded collies). I can tell you our dawgs look far worse after a play than yours do. LOL